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The Twelve Book Review:

The Twelve (The Passage trilogy Book 2).

Justin Cronin.

3 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:


Death-row prisoners with nightmare pasts and no future.


Until they were selected for a secret experiment.


To create something more than human.


Now they are the future and humanity’s worst nightmare has begun.


Firstly, I’ve got to say that The Passage is one of my favourite ever books, I found it to be an epic journey from start to finish with an amazing cast of characters who’s lives and fate you really feel involved in, yes, the jump of a hundred years to the colony after the world ends is jarring and takes some time to get used to, but by giving you two different sets of characters, Cronin just gave you two different sets to really care about and I really felt like I travelled their journey with them.

Overall it was a fantastic read and so I went into the sequel, The Twelve with very high expectations that the level of quality from the first book would continue and I couldn’t wait to start the continuation of the characters stories from The Passage.

However, that was not to be.

There’s a brief prologue, recapping the events of the first book in numbered bullet point format. Then the  first part of the book starts and again takes us back to the beginning of the end of world (year zero) with another different set of characters, a few did make minor appearances in the beginning of The Passage so there is relevance to some of their stories and slight spoiler, a couple are around in the future. It is a decent start and all the characters seem well thought out and likeable, Last stand in Denver and the School bus are the two stand out characters for me.

Then, we jump to the post viral world, with more new characters that revolves around a group picnic going wrong.

Then, over a third of the way into the book, we finally return to the characters from The Passage! We return to them in 97 A.V (after viral), five years after the conclusion of The Passage.

The story for the most part is well written with some really good dramatic and emotional parts as the story arcs are merged, expanded on and with some concluded. There is a drastic transition for one character, that at first is hard to understand but as you continue reading you learn that it was the right thing for the author to do.

It’s really hard for me to review this book due to how much I enjoyed the first in the series and maybe that’s got alot to do with how I feel about it. On one hand it is a good read, far better than all the average books out there, but on the other hand it doesn’t come close to The Passage.

So, looking at it as a book by itself, it is a really good epic novel. But looking at it as the sequel to one of my favourite books it is a let down and maybe I was just expecting to much.

I’m still looking forward to the end of the trilogy though, City of Mirrors and hope that it is given the epic emotive ending the story deserves.

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