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Cold Cold Heart Book Review:

Cold cold Heart.

Tammy Hoag.

5 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:

Dana Nolan was a promising young TV reporter until she was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer. A year has passed since she survived the ordeal, but Dana is still physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred.

She thought it was over.

In an attempt to put herself back together, Dana returns to her hometown. But it doesn’t provide the comfort she expects: she struggles to recognize family and childhood friends and begins experiencing dark flashbacks. But she’s not sure if they’re truly memories or side effects of her brain injury.

She was wrong.

Dana decides to use her investigative skills to piece together her past and the event that made her become a reporter in the first place: the disappearance of her best friend, Casey Grant, the summer after high school graduation.

But now, old friends seem to be suspects, authority figures part of a cover-up. Dana begins to question everything she knows. And is the truth really something too terrible to be believed?

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of Goodreads Giveaways. Being honest, this isn’t the genre of book that I normally read, I’m an avid fantasy reader and admit I haven’t read any thrillers in a long time.

The book took me a while to get into, it’s well written throughout but to me it started off quite slowly and I had trouble engaging with the story. However, I’d say around the 75 page mark the book picked up, got far more interesting, the story took on more dimensions, I really started to enjoy reading it and after that it pulled me into the story right upto the climactic ending.

Praise goes to Tami Hoag the author as due to her writing, it went from a book I wasn’t particularly bothered about to a book that captivated me and I found that I had to keep reading and couldn’t it put down.

To some, the culprit maybe obvious but to others they may not be. Personally, I did guess the culprit, about half way through the book, there was a moment that made me go ah! And at the end it turned out I was right but it didn’t deter from or ruin my enjoyment of the story at all.

As an avid reader I have to say that after the slow start I really enjoyed this book, the story is good, both the whodunit and the memory exploration of the main character ‘Dana’ are really interesting and pull you into the world.

Overall I found the book to be a well written, captivating and engrossing read and I would definitely recommend it.

On a side note, after enjoying this book, I’ll definitely be broadening my horizons and reading more thrillers in the future!







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