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Winter’s Reach Book Review

Winter’s Reach (The Revanche Cycle book 1).

Craig Schaefer.

4 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:

Pope Benignus is dying, and the man who takes his throne will hold the reins of an empire. Conspiracies swirl like shadows around Livia, the pope’s daughter, who refuses to be anyone’s pawn: chasing the whispers of a deadly coup, she vows to expose the truth and save her church from disaster. Livia has secrets of her own, though, and one wrong move could cost her life and her soul.

Felix is the scion of a dying merchant house, a man with just one chance to save his family and the woman he loves. His last hope lies in the snowbound hell of Winter’s Reach, a former prison colony turned “free city” under a brutal tyrant’s reign.

Livia and Felix have never crossed paths, but they’ve both been snared in a far greater web than they can imagine. They — along with a pair of veteran bounty hunters, an exiled politician, and a sadistic coven of witches — are cogs in one man’s apocalyptic plan for revenge. A plan which, if it succeeds, will leave an entire nation in flames.

I got this book for free on the Kindle and really didn’t expect much from it but after finishing it, I can say it really surprised me and I found it to be a real gem of a book.

It’s well written and easy to read, the world building is of a high quality and the cast of characters are all well developed and thought out.

It’s very much standard fantasy with most of the usual genre tropes but it also features an added emphasis on religion which plays a large part in the overall story.

I picked this up for free and as I write this review, the book is currently priced at £0.99p on Amazon and I would have gladly paid that or more for it.

If your looking for a good, fun, interesting read that really pulls you in then I’d definitely recommend this highly enjoyable fantasy.

On a side note, I’d have liked to have seen a map included in the book, most fantasy books have them and it seemed strange not having one.





































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