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Thankyou All.

While this post is posted in my musings of a sarcastic mind section, there is nothing sarcastic about it.

I wanted to write and say thankyou to everyone who’s liked, commented, followed or even just viewed my humble small book blog since I started it a couple of weeks ago, it really is much appreciated.

I don’t know anyone who likes books as much as me, one friend reads books and that’s it and no-one I work with reads, so that’s the main reason I started the blog, to interact with other book lovers out there and post my views on what I read.

In December I was lucky enough to win a couple of books from Goodreads Giveaways and while you don’t have to review them, they like you to and so I did, merely out of courtesy as I’d been lucky enough to win, it was the least I could do, to my surprise I enjoyed putting down in words what I’d thought of the books and after reviewing what I’d been reading on Goodreads for a couple of months and I’d also been lucky enough to be given review copies of two books from Twitter (@SarcasticEnigma if anyone wants to follow me) merely by asking I decided to venture into the world of blogging.

I’ve only had my blog a couple of weeks and while I have a page saying I’m happy to accept review requests, I NEVER expected to actually get any, so imagine my surprise when I received an email from an author asking me if I’d like to read and review his book! It really was a nice surprise, he’d seen my blog and liked my reviews, I gladly accepted and am currently reading his book (review to be posted when I’ve finished the book) so many thanks to Chris Seabranch. Then today I received another email from another author! He’d seen my review of Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire trilogy after Mark was kind enough to retweet my tweet with the review link and wanted to know if I’d be interested in reviewing his book, again I’ve said yes and will await the book arriving in the post, so many thanks also to Michael R. Miller. It’s really nice that you have both taken the time to contact me and have faith in me and my humble blog.

I didn’t start the blog for free books, I’m not like that, I’m a legitimate avid reader and book lover but the fact I’ve been lucky enough to be offered books by authors is a wonderful added extra to blogging and I’ve also been accepted for a review copy of Hex by the publisher, it was a book that really interested me but I wasn’t lucky enough to win the recent Goodreads Giveaway for it, so even though I’ve only just started blogging and review requests are normally declined unless you meet certain criteria I thought I’d ‘try my luck’ and emailed the publisher, I didn’t expect a reply with them being a big publishing company and felt slightly guilty bothering them so I was shocked when I got a reply let alone that they said Yes! I’ve also been lucky enough to be accepted for the latest Greatcoats novel Saint’s Blood by Sebastian de Castell after I expressed how much I like the series on Twitter, though with the current learn your greatcoats name by taking your first schools name and maternal grandmothers name currently on Twitter they probably felt sorry for me as mine is Brownlow Tomblin! Abhorrent! 😦 Shameful! 😦

So, lots of books for me to read but that’s a good problem for a book lover to have! 🙂

Anyway, I’ve rambled on as I have a tendency to.

In real life I’m fairly shy and introverted and I really wasn’t sure about starting a blog but to all who in the past couple of weeks have checked it out, followed, liked and/or commented and also to the authors who have put their faith in me to review there books, it’s made me feel that the blog is worthwhile and it really is much appreciated and means alot, THANKYOU.




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