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Wolf Book Review

Wolf (Jack Caffery Thriller 7).

Mo Hayder.

5 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:

I believe, from what I can hear, that either my daughter or my wife has just been attacked. I don’t know the outcome. The house is silent. Fourteen years ago two teenage lovers were brutally murdered in a patch of remote woodland. The prime suspect confessed to the crimes and was imprisoned. Now, one family is still trying to put the memory of the killings behind them. But at their isolated hilltop house …the nightmare is about to return.

Wolf is the seventh book in the Jack Caffery series, but can easily be read as a stand alone, a reoccurring character from the series doesn’t appear and is only mentioned by Caffery a couple of times and also a continuing story arc from previous books is finally brought to a conclusion.

Neither of these play a big part in the story but if you have read previous books in the series you will get more out of both the character being mentioned and the story arc conclusion but it isn’t essential to have that knowledge and it won’t lessen your enjoyment of reading Wolf.

The story of Wolf focuses on 2 story arcs, the home invasion of the Anchor-Ferrers and Caffery’s continued search for clues about his brother who was abducted as a child many years ago by a Paedophile gang. The 2 story arcs are brought together by The Walking Man, a reoccurring character in the series who’s daughter was also abducted by a Paedophile gang and who’s body has never been found. Near the start of the book he finds a dog (Bear) and when meeting Caffery agrees to help him with information about his brother if in return Jack will find out who Bear belongs to.

I liked the home invasion story arc, it was different to previous books and Caffery’s search for Bear’s owners is decent to.

Wolf is a well written, well thought out book, with intriguing characters, the inventive use of gore and the usual twists and turns in the plot we’ve come to expect from Hayder. I enjoyed the bits between Caffery and Bear, it’s only a small thing but I thought it added depth to Jacks character and instead of Bear just being a dog in a story the author made her an actual character.

It was an enjoyable read from start to finish that while I found it to be not as scary as some of Hayders previous books, it still had me hooked from the first page and I admit that I didn’t see the twist coming in the home invasion story arc. The book also has a very emotive ending.

For readers of the series who’ve read this review and are wondering who the reoccurring character not in the book is, it’s Flea Marley. If you were expecting the new Jack Caffery book to progress their relationship then you willbe disappointed but don’t let that put you off reading Wolf as after finishing the book, I can say that when you’ve read the ending, you will see that it’s a journey that Jack had to take by himself.

On a side note, you can easily pick this book up and read it as a standalone without any prior knowledge of the characters or overarching story arcs through the previous books however you will get far more out of this book if you have read the previous ones and hey, there a great crime/thriller series that is well worth your time anyway.

Highly recommended.










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