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Butterfly Islands Book Review

Butterfly Islands (Chronicles of the twenty-one Butterflies book 1).

Chris Seabranch.

4 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:

Casey is only fifteen years old when her stepfather plans to marry her to a perverted and brutal man twice her age. However, minutes before the wedding, Casey flees into the jungle where she is rescued by a mysterious woman who sets the young, scared girl on the path of an epic pirate life, full of adventures, twists, personal struggles, and world discovery.

I was sent a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Butterfly Island’s is the first book in a new series and as I write this review (18-3-16), the author is currently attempting to write and publish 6 books in 6 months with this being the first book. I’m no writer and as anyone who has read any of my reviews will know, I’m somewhat lacking in the eloquent art of literature but I can imagine how tough it mustbe so praise goes to the author, Chris Seabranch for attempting this feat and I hope he succeeds.

Butterfly Island’s is a sort of mashup of genres that incorporates elements of pirate novels, zombies (wailers in the book) and high adventure into the story and it’s a mix that works surprisingly well.

I enjoy a good old pirate yarn though I prefer the type of pirates portrayed in the TV show Black Sails rather than the Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow type. The main pirate group portrayed in this book the ‘Twenty-One Butterflies’ are a cross between the two and are certainly unique. Without going into to much detail, they’re an all female group and when they reach twenty two they stop being pirates to live more normal lives, hence why the group is called the ‘Twenty-One Butterflies’. Praise goes to the author, as he’s obviously done his research and along with various boat types it was nice to see terms like chain shot and grapeshot being mentioned in the book as they added an authenticity to the pirate element.

To begin with I didn’t really like Casey the main character, at the start she comes across as abit to needy and naive but throughout the book she develops into a far more likeable heroine, alot of the book is her story and by the end she has turned into a good choice for the main character.

(Spoiler alert: the ending of the book coincides with Casey’s metamorphosis, yes I’m using the Caterpillar to Butterfly transformation term as, hey the books called Butterfly Island’s and I feel it echoes perfectly her change from needy girl into girl pirate. To me it felt like the right way to end the book as while it’s the end of the girl, it’s only just the start of the adventures for the pirate). 

The Governor, alongside his son The Sheriff Alfred Johnson, Admiral LeFevre and Mr. Stevens are the main villains in the book and they are bad guys, from the first few pages they are introduced the author does a good job portraying them as evil and you really want to see them get the comeuppance they deserve.

The world building for Gallows Sound is of a decent standard, God’s Mercy and the Butterfly Island’s are both well thought out locations and the cast of characters are all well developed to, you dislike the bad guys and hope the good guys (well girls) succeed. Another pirate group, The Iron Sails are only given a small amount of page time but I found them to be interesting and hope we see more of them in future books.

A well written, well paced, enjoyable, easy to read, fun,  adventure romp.











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