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Phishing, Ggrrr!!!

I don’t think musings from a sarcastic mind is really the place to post this as it’s not a musing but rather a rant, but heyho, I shall begin.

I went to check my blog earlier, well, show someone at work it as they didn’t believe I actually had one, me thinks they were just winding me up as it was, Monday, early and I was tired, yeah I know, tired on a Monday morning, it doesn’t bode well for the week ahead.Β When I went to my blog on my phone browser, a red phishing warning came up!!! I wasn’t a happy camper, I contacted the help forum and when they checked, there was nothing wrong with the blog but the warning still showed on my phone.

After stressing out about how I’d fix it, I’m not computer savvy so was slightly concerned I wouldn’t have a clue, when I finished work and got home I was finally able to go on my laptop and check for myself, everything was fine and while it could just have been my crappy phone playing up, it’s really got me thinking, does it happen alot and is it worthwhile continuing to have a blog?!

I’ve only recently started blogging, it’s only three weeks and have so far enjoyed it, my main aim was merely to post reviews of the books I read on a simple blog designed for that purpose, I’ve got some followers (many thanks it’s appreciated), had some likes on my posts (thanks again), been contacted by a couple of authors to review their books (again thankyou) and accepted for some arc’s. But this whole phishing alert thing has annoyed and really got to me, however maybe I’m overreacting and it’s nothing to worry about.

My blog is simple, I’ve got a picture of my recently passed away dog, some may find it weird but she meant alot to me, a link to my twitter feed, where I randomly comment on wrestling, books, music, games and make sarcastic comments I find funny and just the reviews I write. It is what it is a simple book blog, though I think it looks quite smart and hopefully the content posted isn’t to juvenile and idiotic.

I’m asking myself, am I going to continue getting phishing alerts? Will it be hacked? And do I want to deal with this?….

…. And the the big question is, should I continue blogging? Is it worthwhile? Or should I just forget about it?

So thankyou hackers and scum, you’ve made me question something I thought I’d enjoy!

Anyway, rant over, I would call it a diatribe but I’m not eloquent enough to pull that word off, though at least I’ve managed not to swear, yay me! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Phishing, Ggrrr!!!

  1. This one popped up after I read your review of the dragon book. This is interesting. I’ve never had this happen. Obviously, I’m glad you continued blogging and didn’t say the hell with it. πŸ™‚ I’m sensing a pattern after reading this one. Lots of Grrs after your rants. Lol. πŸ™‚ I’m assuming it’s cause you have an Android phone and their open source code is less superior than Apple and allows for a lot of hackers to overwrite the open source files on your phone. You might not be computer savvy, love, but I am. There’s a little computer nerd nonsense for you. πŸ™‚

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