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Stranger of Tempest (Book One of The God Fragments) Book Review

  • Stranger of Tempest (Book One of The God Fragments).
  • Tom Lloyd.
  • 5 stars out of 5.

The book blurb:

Lynx is a mercenary with a sense of honour; a dying breed in the Riven Kingdom. Failed by the nation he served and weary of the skirmishes that plague the continent’s principalities, he walks the land in search of purpose. He wants for little so bodyguard work keeps his belly full and his mage-gun loaded. It might never bring a man fame or wealth, but he’s not forced to rely on others or kill without cause.

Little could compel Lynx to join a mercenary company, but he won’t turn his back on a kidnapped girl. At least the job seems simple enough; the mercenaries less stupid and vicious than most he’s met over the years.

So long as there are no surprises or hidden agendas along the way, it should work out fine.

Book Review:

I’d seen the cover reveal for this book posted on Twitter quite a while ago and it looked awesome, a human with sword raised standing alone against a massive demon that to me looks like a cross between Diablo from the Diablo computer games and Balrog from Lord of the Rings and thought… that looks like a book I’d like to read!

I found Lynx to be an engaging main character, he has a heart and a penchant for trying to do the right thing even if it causes trouble, he’s got some issues but tries his best to keep them in check, isn’t that young, enjoys his food and is far more rotund than your average stereotypical muscle-bound protagonist. With myself enjoying food and being rotund it gives guys like us hope that we can be the hero to! With his traits and flaws Lynx really shows his humanity and you can’t help but both relate to and like him as he tries to do the honourable thing.

The characters are all well thought out with their own individual voices and qualities and put together the mercenaries are a diverse, eclectic bunch of miscreants who on the whole are likeable and form a great group. Apart from Lynx, my favourite characters would have to be Anatin the aging mercenary captain and Toil, who is best described as assassin, adventurer and agent, she’s a really interesting character who I’m sure we’ll both see and learn more of in future books.

The world building is of an outstanding richly detailed standard and the author has crafted a large world full of political intrigue, religion, magic, unique characters, creatures and places. As it’s the first in a new series not to much is mentioned about the history and lore of the world but what snippets and fragments-see what I did there as the series is called The God Fragments. πŸ™‚ that are offered are well developed. Your given enough to become interested in the world but tantalisingly few that your left wanting to find out more and what you are shown hints at a large pool of history still to come in future books.

This is the first book I’ve read by Tom Lloyd and it’s cracking good! It’s an enthralling well written read from the first page through to the last. The first half of the book builds the story and characters while the second half just flies by in a blur of fast paced, frenetic, engrossing action and storytelling…..

…..But it is another first book in yet another new series and from personal experience I know that there are alot of both old and new fantasy series out there, some worth your time and some not in the never ending chasm of the reading realm and the dreaded TBR (to be read) lists all vying for your attention. So, the question is, should I buy this book and start yet another new series???

And the answer is a resounding yes!!!

For fantasy fans this is a must read book, while action packed and occasionally humorous it is also character driven filled with a great cast of unforgettable characters that you care about, creatures, magic and magical weapons, a detailed world and an engrossing story, it has everything a fantasy book needs done to the highest quality level.

It’s a great start to a new fantasy series and with this book Tom Lloyd has created what is sure to be one of the standout fantasy works of 2016.

Highly recommended!


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    1. Never played Diablo 2 but I’d been playing Diablo 3 ultimate evil edition before reading the book and when I saw the cover I thought…well I know who that beastie looks like the lovechild off! πŸ™‚


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