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Shelf Control: April 14th 2016.

Shelves final

Shelf control is a weekly feature over at Bookshelf Fantasies. Instead of being about books that we want to buy it’s about books that we already own but are yet to read, so come on peeps, peruse your bookshelves and e-readers, mine is a Kindle Paperwhite but others are available. πŸ™‚

My Shelf Control pick is:


The Dragonbone Chair (Memory, Sorrow and Thorn book 1).


Tad Williams.


August 6th 2015-this version anyway.


800 pages-a fairly hefty tome.


Kitchen-boy Simon is bored, restless and fourteen years old – a dangerous combination. It seems, however, that his life has just taken a turn for the better when he’s apprenticed to his castle’s resident wizard. As Simon’s learning to read and write under Doctor Morgenes’ tutelage, forces greater than he could possible imagine are gathering: forces which will change Simon’s life – and his world – forever.

Following the death of Good King John, Osten Ard is plunged into civil war as his sons battle for control of the fabled Dragonbone Chair – the country’s throne as well as the symbol of its power. Simon is forced to flee the only home he has ever known, a journey which will test him beyond his worst nightmares.

How I got it:

Kindle, e-reader fans will say Yay! Whilst real book lovers will say Nay! πŸ™‚

When I got it:

According to my Amazon order it was January 30th 2016.

Why I want to read it:

A friend recommended it to me and they have a similar taste in books to myself.



5 thoughts on “Shelf Control: April 14th 2016.

  1. I quite like this idea except I don’t really want to look at my unread books – the sense of guilt is too much – I have to wear blinkers when I’m going between rooms just so that I can’t see my tbr stacks – I swear that these books are actually giving me the eyeball!
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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