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So……when I went to check my blog today I received a notification from WordPress informing me that I had reached 100 followers!!!

Now, I know in the grand scheme of things that it is only a small number compared to what the large blogs have, however it is far far more than I ever imagined my humble little blog would ever receive.

I only started the blog as a means to post reviews of the books I read and the occasional piece of poetry/lyrics and musings as no one I know really enjoys reading, shameful I know but there are actually people out there who find reading, dare I say it….boring! 😦

I thought a blog would be a way for me to write about books and post my views, I was unsure at the start but I’m enjoying blogging and am finding it fun and while I started this blog for myself as reading is a hobby I really enjoy, it’s great that there are people out there who follow the blog and are interested in what I have to write. πŸ™‚

But I don’t mean to rabbit on about me, this post is about you, my blog followers, people who have liked my posts, people who have commented on my posts, the couple of tags I’ve received and anyone who has just browsed even one of my posts.

I really feel like I’ve been welcomed into the blogging world and it really does mean alot to me and is greatly appreciated, so sincerely, from me to all of you, thankyou.

14 thoughts on “!!Thankyou!!

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s a massive achievement and I know how happy I would be if I was in your shoes πŸ˜€


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