Two months have passed,

Since you breathed your last,

As the light left your eyes,

Inside my memories don’t die,

It’s so quite without you around,

Hours pass empty with no sound,

You were the better part of me,

The smile for all to see,

You kept the dark at bay,

When alone I’d lost my way,

You gave me meaning,

When I’d stopped dreaming,

You gave me hope,

When inside I was broke,

Now the colours have all turned to grey,

But in time the pain will fade,

I hope you know how much you meant,

Our days together were time well spent,

I still feel your loss everyday,

Now I’m finding words I need to say,

And though I’ve started letting go,

This please you need to know,

A part of you will live on my friend,

Goodbye isn’t always the end.

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