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Friday Face-Off-20th May 2016.

The Friday Face-Off is a new meme created by Books by Proxy, where the idea is to compare the UK and US covers of a book with each week  being a certain theme, this week’s theme is ‘Just then flew down a monstrous Crow’. A  book cover that features a Bird.

For the theme this week I have chosen: Fool’s Quest (Fitz and the Fool Book 2) by Robin Hobb.

UK Cover:

US Cover:


The Winner:


I don’t mind the US cover but this week I much prefer the UK one. The US cover has what I think is a decent depiction of Fitz on the front but I also feel it’s quite generic looking. If you took both the name of the book and Robin Hobb’s name off the cover it couldbe any fantasy book with a moody looking, weapon carrying protagonist on the front and yes, whilst Fitz is a moody looking, weapon carrying protagonist he’s far more than that as Hobb books are both very character and story driven. For the UK cover it’s quite simple looking but the big black bird on the silvery grey background looks eye catching not to mention the script and font used really stands out especially with the small coloured crest behind the capital ‘Q’ in quest and makes a really eye catching cover.

What do you think? Any thoughts? Have any of you read any Robin Hobb books? If any fantasy fans read this post and haven’t read Robin Hobb then prepare for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s What! And Sheldon Cooper’s haughty derision!



23 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off-20th May 2016.

  1. I’ve been seeing Robin Hobb’s name and books everywhere lately, and I’ve never read her books!! So, I really need to start reading them. You have convinced me! I agree with your cover preference of the UK cover. It’s more interesting and original.

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    1. I haven’t been blogging that long so this is the first time it’s happened where I’ve picked the same as someone else! Sorry! 🙂 Have to agree with you about Fitz though, I’m really not sure if the guy on the cover matchs what i think he looks like or not!

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      1. Looking back through the US covers, it looks as though the same person features on the front of their covers as Fitz, which is something, I suppose. When the person I imagine is so far away from the character depicted, I prefer my imagination:). As for both of us going for the same cover – it was bound to happen sooner or later, given that we both like the same genre. I certainly don’t have a problem with it. I prefer to think it shows that we both share the same exquisite good taste:)

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  2. Nailed it with the US cover: It’s good artistry, but there is nothing special about Fitz. It look like some generic guy :/ Plus, I really like the grey cover with the bird. Even if the Q didn’t have the colors behind it, I’d still probably pick the UK cover.

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  3. Lol at Sheldon.
    I agree with your choice. I don’t mind the US cover either but the typography on the UK cover is way more appealing to me. I plan to start reading her first books Assassin’s Apprentice this weekend.

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