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Wailers (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies book 3) Book Review

Wailers (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies book 3).

Chris Seabranch.

4 stars out of 5.

Book Blurb:

A large army of wailers is suddenly gathering on Butterfly Islands and the Twenty-One Butterflies have to flee for their lives. However, not all of them escape and the female pirates need to risk their own lives to save not only their friends, but the entire Gallows Sound too. At the same time, a young man returns from the dead, but he has brought something with him back. Something dark, not seen in hundreds of years, returns to Gallows Sound.
Buckeye is rising within the ranks of the Twenty-One Butterflies and her relationship to her friends Dawn and Blake becomes more intimate. She fears that by choosing to be with one of them, she pushes the other away. Time, however, is not on the young pirate’s side and in the most intimate moment, all hell breaks loose and she and the other Butterflies suddenly finds themselves at the mercy of the Five Sisters.

Book Review:

This is the third book in Chris Seabranch’s Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies series, my reviews for the previous two books canbe found here:

-Butterfly Islands (Book 1).

-Maelstrom (Book 2).

I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wailers is the third book in Chris Seabranch’s the Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies series and takes place a year after the conclusion and events at the end of Maelstrom (the second book). I’d definitely tell you to read the first two books in the series Butterfly Island’s and Maelstrom) before you read Wailers as you’ll get more out of the story, world and characters.

Just like in the previous book Maelstom, the author continues to expand and explore the world first created in Butterfly Island’s and this time we are also introduced to a new character. The book starts off quite slow as the author spends time introducing us to JoJo and her origins, which are incorporated into the backdrop and events that take place in the story of the book. It’s always hard introducing a new character into a series but the author does a good job of developing her and when her story arc joins with that of one of the previous characters it feels organic and a good addition to the story. As I mentioned the book starts slowly but soon picks up the pace moving the tale quickly forward. Focusing on the ‘Wailers’ of the title we learn more about them during the book building to the climactic conclusion that pits the Twenty-One Butterflies and the fate of Gallows Sound against the army of Wailers.

Again, though he only plays a small but substantial part Mr Stevens continues to show why he’s one of the series main villain’s and he really is despicable, he’s a corrupt, vile, evil person who like Joffrey in Game of Thrones and Regal in The Farseer trilogy just brings out the hatred in you and your left hoping by the end of the series that he gets what’s coming to him. The other characters all continue to grow to, especially Buckeye who I’d class as the series main character, she’s maturing into an all around great character and it’ll be interesting to see how she deals with the fallout and aftermath of the events in Wailers. I was also glad to see LeFevre play a bigger role this time around, from Maelstrom I had an inkling about where the author would take the character and for once I was right, huzzah for me as it doesn’t happen very often! 🙂 And if featured in future books I’m sure LeFevre will add an extra dynamic to the group of characters.


I like these books and find them to be really enjoyable pirate romps. Wailers has it all, action, emotion, zombie types, humour and romance though for me I sometimes find the romance and Buckeye’s reticence and indecision regarding it abit to much but that’s down to my miserly manliness as I admit it does aid with the depths of the characters and adds another element and dimension to the story.


We’re halfway through the series of six books now and I still feel that the Twenty-One Butterflies are a really unique group set in a really interesting world. I must say that the author is great at writing climactic conclusions that finish the individual story of each book off while continuing the overarching story arcs of the series. Making you eager to read the following book and find out what happens next!

Clocking in at approximately 2,700 locations on the Kindle this is a short book and a quick read, though there’s nothing wrong with that. As a fantasy fan I often find myself ploughing through and occasionally getting bogged down in hefty tomes that take a long time to read and it makes a nice change to take a break from them and be able to pick up a book and read it in a few days. Sometimes you just want a quick, fun read that you can lose yourself in for a few hours of escapism and this book and series fits that description perfectly.



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  1. You wrote two things that are magical to my eyes — a novel that is part of a series but has its own arc and it is short! I agree with you, too many fantasy books are bit longer than they really need to be.

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