The Witted and Me.

The witted and me:


You were a lost soul,


I was caged,

Trapped without a home,


We became closer than brothers,

Both a part of the other,

On great adventures we went,


They were years well spent,

In solitude and peace we grew old,


Our story wasn’t yet told,

Once more,

Into the fray again,

The six duchies,

Our help was needed to defend,

Me, you and the Fool,

When it was time for me to go,

I tried in vain to let you know,

Wanting you to come and join,

Running in fields of grass,

One final hunt,

But in a cruel twist of fate,

You awoke,

And left it to late,


Do not mourn me little brother,

I live on,

Through memories and in another,

Your daughter Bee,

She is the witted and me.

This is another poem inspired again by The Daily One Word prompt: Companion. Though for this I have tried something different, I’m a huge Robin Hobb fan and think Fitz and Nighteyes are two of the greatest characters ever created in fantasy. Nighteyes was Fitz’s Wit companion and I have tried to write this poem about them both. I know it doesn’t flow to well in places but it was the best I could do. 🙂

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