Empty Within:

Empty within:



Abandoned here alone,


Erasing all I’d ever known,


Shards of broken glass,


Looking back on my past,


You threw it all the fuck away,


The scars remain unto this day,


You tore my heart from my chest, 


You fed on my worthlessness,


But cracks will heel,


Sometimes we all feel,

Call to arms,

I’ll fight no matter the cost,

Battle cry,

Not all who wander are lost,


Don’t you ever give in,


Not all are empty within. 

Inspired by The Daily One Word PromptEmpty. Yes, I know I’ve used a line made famous by JRR Tolkien but if it’s good enough for Rob Flynn and Machine Head to use, then it’s good enough for me. While I guess this is technically a poem, being a rock and metal music fan I can’t help but think that it would make some cool lyrics with both harsh and clean vocals. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Empty Within:

      1. Me, too! I have zero musical talent. I’ve always wanted to play though. I think the strings would break if I even attempted the guitar. There goes the songwriter dream. 😂 I bet your writing would sound awesome paired with the right chords. 😊

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