Standing in the Rain.

Standing in the Rain:



As I stand here,

Soaking wet,

I feel you disappear,

Asking is this over yet?


I thought you’d bring me pleasure,

But you only brought me pain,

Reading your goodbye letter,

I’m left standing in the rain.

Inspired by The Daily Post Prompt Pleasure. Now, if your tired of the misery I write I’d like to direct you to this: Fluffy Bunny, it’s a fun, jovial poem I wrote after being challenged to write something happy by a fellow blogger, it’s just a bit of harmless ribald fun and it even contains an A-Team reference for any of you old enough to have seen the show-awesome TV show, loved it! πŸ™‚

51 thoughts on “Standing in the Rain.

  1. This is the Drew we all know. πŸ€— So you just whipped this one up after I mentioned today’s poem? And I haven’t been able to write one decent word all week for butterflies. I’m not doing well but I’m determined to hold up my end of the bargain. I like what you did with this one. My poem is going to sound like a child wrote it. πŸ˜‚ Is it raining there?

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  2. At the moment surprisingly no it isn’t! 😊 Yeah, I just whipped the poem up after I figured how I could take pleasure and make it miserable! Oh, I’m sure I could write a poem about Butterflies, such a meaningful subject matter! πŸ˜‚

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  3. That’s good. Rain is such a bummer. πŸ˜‚After seeing Fluffy, I would agree with you. I didn’t think you could write anything that wasn’t dark or sad and you proved me wrong. I keep looking at my computer, thinking what do I write about a butterfly. Is this the beginning of another dare? You just said you could write a poem about butterflies.

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      1. I wrote you a message on Twitter, but I’ll tell you here, too. I wrote and finished Sarcastic Enigma Loves Butterflies. It makes me laugh every time I read it through. I need you to look at it though.

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      2. You are such a pain! You know that? 😝 I wish I knew what the technical name is for how I wrote the first couple lines but that’s what I want you to look at. Because I changed it later on and I’m not sure if it’s right or if that’s how it should look. I wish I knew more about poetry to tell you what I did. I can’t remember that stupid class I took in college now. It’s not a monstrosity. I think my followers will laugh.

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      3. I just finished writing it a few hours ago. I haven’t gotten as far as a picture. I really hate finding pictures for the blog. That’s one of my most hated things to do. I guess it will need to have a bunny chasing a butterfly since that’s what it’s about. I guess that makes two of us. I can’t even remember what they call what I did. I think I blended two different things together. I’m not sure. I can’t believe you’re not even the slightest bit intrigued to see how I added Fluffy to my poem.

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      4. If you checked your DM on Twitter, you’ll see it has quite a bit of slang in the post, so I hope all my American followers read my slang post and now know the US translation. I answered Fluffy’s problem with a solution. He gets a happy ending. What’s posh poetry? I was thinking Tuesday since this weekend everyone in the US is celebrating Fourth of July and will most likely be on hiatus until Tuesday.


      5. See I know none of this. I know nothing about poetry. I did that thing where the 1st and 4th sentences rhyme with the two in between them rhyming differently. I have no idea what to call that. Does that make sense? Then I switched it up toward the end and stopped doing that. I’m not sure why. The beginning is kind of weird. It rhymes better toward the end. I think I was just going for the ridiculous factor in the beginning. Where do you want me to send it? Twitter?


      6. Thanks! I’m glad I did him justice. I wrote that in an hour. I was afraid it sounded stupid. I wasn’t sure if the structure was right. So I guess that’s Fluffy’s sequel. I guess they’ll have to break up so you can write the breakup story.

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      7. Call it what you want, if fifty shades of Grey canbe classed as literature then it’s all good. Not being sarcastic, I really wouldn’t know what Fluffy and butterfly poems wouldbe classed as, but mock poetry is quite cool.

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      8. That’s true. I think that’s what I’ll call it then. Mock Poetry: Insert Title. I want to link Fluffy to my post. Are you cool with that? They need to see how Fluffy and Butterfly came about. I still can’t believe I managed to write a pervy poem about a butterfly. What is wrong with me? πŸ™ˆ

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      9. Yes, I mean the Finnish band. Your mom sounds cool. Mine listens to jazz. 😴 I was going to say they have a song called Wings of a Butterfly. I was thinking about Butterfly from the poem and for whatever reason, ripping out the wings of a butterfly popped into my head. They weren’t real popular here, and probably most of the bands I like are not popular here, so I was wondering if they were popular there.

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      10. They used to be, yeah I remember that song, buried alive by love and the sacrement are two of there other songs I can think off to, they were always being played on music channels, not now though but the UK music channels are utter crap ecspecially for what I like!

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      11. Yeah, I listened to them years ago. I don’t know a single person here who had ever heard of them. Speaking of music you listen to. I was curious about your song lyrics. I really like that song. I listened to an entire album on my Apple radio. Do you have just the chorus on your arm or the whole song? I don’t listen to any of the channels here. They play garbage.

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      12. That’s what I thought you had. It sounds cool. 😊 I really like the song. Now I have something else to listen to. Is philistines a band? Give me a few names you like so I can have a listen. All they play here is pop music and I hate it!

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      13. No, philistine is just a word to describe a person. OK, I’ll give you bands and songs of theirs: Demon Hunter (I play dead, 1000 apologies, Carry me Down, One last song), Flaw (Not Enough, My Letter, Only the Strong), Stemm (Monster, Dead Inside), Godsmack (Awake, I stand alone, Re-align), Black Label Society (In this river) also Killswitch Engage and Five Finger Death Punch though there big in UK and America so I’d guess you’ve heard of them. And my favourite song at the moment is Dust by Tremonti. Yeah, I like music. 😊

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      14. That’s what I thought you meant but I figured I’d make sure it wasn’t a band name. πŸ˜‚ I have an Apple Music subscription so I can listen to pretty much anything. I listen to music about 80% of my day so I know what you mean. It keeps me sane. The only band I know is Godsmack so looks like I got a lot of music to listen to. Well, I think I’ve heard of the two they play here. Our rock channels only play classic rock or that modern pop rock crap and that shit blows. This is awesome! Song names and everything. Thanks! 😊 I think I’ll start with your favorite song first and work my way through this list. Do you still listen to Evergrey? I listened to an entire album while was writing my butterfly poem.

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