Cold Winter’s Day.

Cold Winter’s Day:


Over time the embers fade,

Like a portrait of days gone past,

The colours are now greyed,

And, you realise nothing in life is built to last,

Inside where flames don’t die,

I wish forever to be left tethered,

Escaping in memories where I hide,

Cherishing the moments spent together,

In my heart I still remember,

The moment when I saw you turn,

That cold winter’s day in December,

When I watched my whole world burn.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt: Burn.

14 thoughts on “Cold Winter’s Day.

  1. My phone died right as I was about to comment on this earlier. I think even my phone is mad that you won’t let me see Fluffy 2. 😂 Is this one about Sully? It’s sad but I really like it. At least now I know you can write something happy or at least something with a “happy ending.” 😉

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      1. I think you just like torturing me. How am I supposed to name Fluffy 2 without seeing it? You do not play fair. If Butterfly showed Fluffy hers, she would’ve expected him to whip out his magic stick. 😉 Yup, that just happened.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Only my grandmother calls me Jillian. 🙈 I think I prefer Jill, Jilly, or no thrills Jill. 😉 But now I guess you can use that when you want to scald me for my indiscretions. What are you talking about? I’m an angel. 😇 The Nunnering. Haha! You’re crazy. I love it!

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      3. You said you can handle my next dare. Well, you have 5 of them. Check Twitter. I have the Internet as my witness to our shenanigans. Of course, since this is a dare, you can make up your own terms for my part of the deal. Do your worst! 😘

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      4. 5?!?!? I’ll check twitter at some stage but 5?!?! I take it it’s poetry on vile subjects or I hope it is and not write an article or something! If it is can they be short poems??? But 5!?!? Hhmmm, I do have book reviews to write to, it is supposed to be a book blog after all! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yup! 5 of them and yes, they can be short. They’re all poems, no articles. I wouldn’t torture you like that, not when I like reading your poem for the day. 😊 I’d say 2 out of 5 will be hard. Hint- one of them involves Taylor Swift. 😂 One is really easy and one will be fun. I’m not that mean. You can do them whenever you want. I figured on a day you don’t like the writing prompt. Ahh right… book reviews. I wrote a bunch all at one time and haven’t written one in about two weeks. I should probably do that, too. I haven’t finished any of my, as you call them, “baby books.”

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