Broken Man.

Broken Man:


As the skin parts for the razor,

And, as I peel back the layers,

I reveal what’s hidden within,

Remnants of times I chose to give in,

And though their buried deep,

My scars, they still weep,

I finally see who I really am,

Just a broken man.

Inspired by the daily post’s daily one word prompt: Layers

12 thoughts on “Broken Man.

  1. Okay, self proclaimed Poetry God this is so good. We’re back to normal Drew, and I love it. ❤️ I do love sarcastically evil and funny Drew poems as well. I like when he comes out to play. 🤗 I still have nothing written for my poems. It will come eventually I suppose.

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      1. I only Googled that for fun. 😝 Clearly, Fifty Shades of Fluffy was from my own deviant mind. 😉 Emotions…hmm what are these things? I’ll have to do some digging to complete my part of the challenge. If it was a scene I was writing instead of poetry, I would’ve had it done already. I could write that no problem. Fiction comes more natural to me.

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      2. I did ask you what you thought I should name it. Yay! New title! I love it! I’m using it, too! I just sent you the weirdest email of life. Seriously. Wait until you see what I think some of those words mean. 🙈

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      3. Ha, well we’ll see how well that title fits with No Thrills Jills role in Fluffy 2! 😂

        I’ll give you a clue about the slang words, there not all about smut and sex else you’d get them all right with your smutiness! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha! But by saying they’re not all about sex, that implies some of them are. Thanks for the hint! 😉 Was I right about Rumpy pumpy? I so want to be right about that one cause it makes me laugh when I envision what I wrote down. 🙊 Well, I’m now the crowed Queen of Smut according to Drew, so I guess I have a reputation to maintain. When are you posting Fluffy 2? I need to see it. 😂


  2. Really good, I like dark poems. I’ve been looking for a while now for a text tattoo and I always go for the dark ones. Maybe I should do a post one day and ask opinions about the ones I consider, although I’m a little scared nobody will like dark lines. I’m definitely not a carpe diem person ;-).

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