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Fluffy Bunny 2: The Nunnering.

Greetings followers and readers of this post. 🙂 I’m afraid it’s one of those days where I’m back to my mock poetry war with No Thrills Jill at RantandRaveaboutBooks. No need for me to go into detail, if you’ve been reading any of our posts then you already know the score and that fun and frivolity will surely follow, links to the previous posts are:

And, as always please remember this is all just fun and no offence is meant. So, without further rambling on my part, I give to you:

Fluffy Bunny 2: The Nunnering.


Fluffy bunny was in a miserable grump,

Butterfly gone, he had been dumped,

For her he had given up his promiscuous ways,

But their passion fizzled out, after only a few days,

Fluffy had cried,

Oh how Fluffy had tried,

To be the best rabbit he possibly could,

Even letting butterfly, hold his mighty wood,

But it just wasn’t enough,

Butterfly had gone, taking half his stuff,

Fluffys cherished maidens had even been split,

Fluffy should have known love hurts, the silly twit,

To get over his sorrow and the pain, 

Fluffy erased from memory, butterfly’s skanky name,

Drowning his loss in bottles of whiskey,

That liquor got the motor running, made Fluffy frisky,

Fluffy went back to his lifestyle of decadent pleasure,

Putting his all into diving for buried treasure,

Getting over butterfly, Fluffy went on a romping spree,

Waving his magic stick, like branches blowing in a windy tree,

Like the Def Leppard lyric, do you wanna get rocked?

Fluffy loved nothing more than knocking ladies socks off,

After a while trouble started to brew,

Oh poor Fluffy for what’s to come, if he only knew,

Fluffy bunny had been a silly rabbit,

He was deep in a mess from his naughty habit,

There came a tapping upon his door,

Followed by crying, screeching and knocking some more,

Sowing his wild oats,

Fluffy had been busy rocking the ladies boats,

From playboy bunnies through to dogs,

Fluffy was now left with countless wailing sprogs,

What a silly pickle,

All because Fluffy had loved a cheeky tickle.

Away down the road a while later, Fluffy now had a wife,

He’d made a home, got a new life,

A drab partner in grey called a nun,

Who for Fluffy wasn’t much fun,

A matronly figure, cooking and cleaning her only skill,

Going by the name, No Thrills Jill,

Though she looked after Fluffys babies,

Try as he might he couldn’t get her to scream ‘oh god save me’,

Now when Fluffy gets a look of joy,

That crafty rabbits being coy,

Remembering how butterfly’s wings spread apart,

To this day still makes Fluffys magic stick twitch and start!




27 thoughts on “Fluffy Bunny 2: The Nunnering.

  1. OH MY GOD! Where do I even begin? My jaw literally hurts from laughing! 😂 This is even better than the first one. I think we both know I’d be the opposite of the girl that Fluffy ends up with. 😘 Of course you had to fit in the parting of Butterfly’s wings. How in the hell am I supposed to write a sequel to this? Does Fluffy have some love child with her? Do you wanna get rocked? Yeah! Nice! Love that song! You know what they say about whiskey and magic sticks. I don’t know if Fluffy would’ve been in optimal condition if he was drinking that much. 😂 He let her hold his wood. Haha! I’m dying! I haven’t stopped laughing since I started reading. My nose is running. I have more to say. I need to collect myself. 😂😝

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wish I didn’t suck so hard at giving nicknames cause you need one. I need to think of one for you. Seriously, dude, how am I supposed to write Butterfly’s sequel? Does she meet Christian Grey and he ties her up in his sex dungeon? I was hoping No Thrills Jill was one of the girls you sent me a picture of with the riding crop. Oh wait. I guess that’s Smutty Jilly. 🙊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Why must you use words I have to Google? How will Butterfly have kids with Fluffy and a nun? Am I to continue Fluffy’s story? I’m so confused right now. Check your email. I sent you the revised list of words.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Lmao!! Oh gee. I can’t stop laughing. I just read Jillian’s Fifty Shades. I like how you worked the name in there. Gosh, it seems that Fluffy’s fun days are over.

    Liked by 1 person

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