Darkness Consumes.

Darkness Consumes:


I’ve tried to hide from what’s buried inside,

But the sorrow within can’t be denied,

I punch my fist against the wall,

Do you look away, do you watch me fall?

Like bloody shards of broken glass,

Memories imprint on me fragments of the past,

Every time I close my eyes,

I wish it was me that died,

You deserved the chance to live,

Still having so much love left to give,

Another piece of me slips away,

Drifting in dreams, reliving yesterdays,

Empty, I’m filled with sorrow,

Asking, will I make it through tomorrow?

Each time I feel I’m getting weaker,

The lure of the blade tastes so much sweeter,

Now, as I watch my nearing doom,

I remember, darkness consumes.

Inspired by The Daily Post’s One Word Prompt: Darkness

5 thoughts on “Darkness Consumes.

  1. This is really good, Drew. It’s so sad, but I really like it. Oh, I think the email issue might be on my end. It’s being so weird. I just sent you the list of words, but who knows if it worked or not. This phone is driving me crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

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