Sad Old Song.

Sad Old Song:


I’d have given you the world, if I could,

Putting more trust in you, than I ever should,

I believed everything you ever wrote,

Promises destroyed, you left me feeling broke,

Maybe I was tired of being alone,

Thinking you were the light to guide me home,

A safe harbour from the storm in my mind,

A place of calm I could never find,

In the end, turns out I was wrong,

Like fading lyrics, from a sad old song,

Empty within, you are so fucking hollow,

I could have saved the pain and the sorrow,

When you walked away, did you care I fell apart,

All because there was only lies inside your false heart. 

Inspired by The Daily Post One Word prompt: False

9 thoughts on “Sad Old Song.

  1. Love this. Love the flow of it, like a song. I probably said something similar in another comment but most times when I read your poems, it’s like reading the verses of a song.

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