Gone to Hell.

Gone to Hell:


So much innocent blood spilled, random acts of pointless violence,

We remember the fallen, mourning their lives in sorrow, in silence,

Naive, I thought humanity’s ties were built to last,

I was wrong, unity and peace now seem so far in the past,

Is this the final nail in the coffin, hopes death knell,

Has the world torn apart, broken, gone to Hell,

I have but one question to ask my friend,

Will this nightmare never end? 

Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Nightmare. Instead of writing a poem about my own thoughts, feelings and my darkness within, I’ve done something different and tried to write a poem about current affairs and the state of the world. Also, I have added it to the current Poets for Peace project, link here where poets are asked to share their work about peace and it willbe added to a combined collaborative effort. It’s the first time that I have shared my work apart from on my own blog.

16 thoughts on “Gone to Hell.

  1. This is a great poem! really great… and thanks for sharing…

    Unfortunately, world has hardly seen unity and peace. Not in the past, not now and probably not in the future… there has always been war and there probably always will be war.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I was abit sceptical about sharing as my blog is mainly a book blog with poetry I write to added to it that is dark and meaningful but it’s just rhyming and simplistic compared to other forms and I wasn’t sure whether to add my offering or not but it seemed well received on my own blog and fits ‘peace’ quite well so I added it. 😊

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