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Friday face-Off 22nd July.


The Friday Face-Off is a new meme created by Books by Proxy, where the idea is to compare the UK and US covers of a book with each week  being a certain theme, this week’s theme is a cover featuring a gate or gateway chosen by Lynn of Lynns-books.

I have had an absolute nightmare with this theme, Gggrrrr! Damn you Lynn with your tricksy choice and I’m sure there’s thousands of books out there to with gates or gateways on the cover and I just couldn’t think of or find any!


This week I have chosen: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

Cover A:


Cover B:


Cover C (This is the one I’m classing as having a gateway):


Cover D:


Cover E:


Cover F:



Cover A:


I just prefer this one to the other covers, but I also have to give a shout out to Cover E which came in a close second, Now, I know it doesn’t have the look, feel or tone of a Tolkien book but I do like ominous looking Dragon eyes.


Thoughts?? Agree?? Disagree??

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24 thoughts on “Friday face-Off 22nd July.

  1. I have to agree with you on these. And yeah, the one with Smaug’s eye is pretty cool. I loved him in the movie. I thought Smaug seemed so lifelike considering he wasn’t real. You’re posting early today. Is the Internet still being a pain?

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  2. I’m for D. Less Hollywood and closer to the original publication. Actually, 2nd or 3rd printing was the 1st to have illustrations. But that artwork is reminiscent of J.R.R.’s artwork, also has a Japanese flavor, for which I have a penchant.

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      1. Makes sense. As an old fogey, and a bit of a hard copy book snob, it just has a more literary feel.
        While I LOVED the movies, they didn’t, couldn’t have, hold a candle to the books which I have read more than a few times.

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  3. Cover F was the cover on my childhood copy and the letter is well deserved. What a crime against humanity.

    I really dig the old-school covers. D is cool but B is my favorite.

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  4. Nah – I love your book choice because it’s totally epic! If you’d used this for Woman in Red I would have found a way to make it fit in! I love your winner but I absolutely adore cover D – it’s simply gorgeous – I needs the precious in my life!
    Lynn 😀
    I think we should put a few suggestions through to books by proxy – she’s been really busy but if we give her some suggestions she’ll update the site. I emailed her my idea for this week and that’s up there – shall we come up with a few choices each maybe?

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  5. I typically don’t go for the “movie edition” covers but I have to say the ones done for these films have been pretty nice. I’m also currently reading The Hobbit to my 4-year-old…I doubt she’s old enough to understand much of the story, but I think she enjoys it all the same 🙂

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  6. Yes… I also love cover A. I’ve just been watching the reruns of the The Hobbit on the box – they did THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG last week and yes… I do love the books – that goes without saying, but I also LOVE the films and think they really captured the flavour and nuances of the books very, very well. Great choice, Drew! I agree with Lynn’s idea that we all post some suggestions to Books by Proxy and she chooses the next timetable from them to help her out and keep this excellent meme going:))

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  7. I’ve been giving my Friday Face-off suggestions some thought and have come up with the following three ideas – a cover where there is blood, a cover featuring the moon and a cover with some form of luggage… If you were going to suggest anything along those same lines, let me know and I can tweak them before forwarding them on to Proxy. Have a lovely day:)

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  8. completely agreed with your opinions on both A and E , didn’t know there was a book with Smaug’s eye on the cover, Meanwhile I have the Cover B version and now that I look at it , it looks the ugliest of the whole lot , yet I love my Hobbit book 🙂

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