Angels Will Set You Free.

Angels Will Set You Free:


As I sit here,

In the place we used to call a home,

Reflecting on my loss,

Why I’m now alone,

I find myself staring at the old clock on the mantel,

Some may tell you I’m broken,

That I’m fragile,

I keep in my heart a picture of you,

A tattered and torn photo,

And, the moment will come when I can finally let you go,

Life goes by in what seems a standstill,

Moving so very slowly,

Remembering the past,

Makes me smile but I’m so damn weary,

Now, as I kneel here sorrowful,

Tear stained eyes,

Lost, beside your grave,

Contemplating your fate,

Unable yet to move on,

I’m just not that brave,

No matter how deep, wounds will heal,

In time cracks knit together, they seal,

And, like leaves rustling in the breeze,

I know one day, the angels will set you free. 

Inspired by The Daily Prompt: Clock

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