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Book Blogger Blind Date Presents: UK v US Slangdown.


So in my craziness I decided to join in with No Thrill’s Jill’s (RantandRaveaboutBooks) Book Blogger Blind Date though when I agreed none of the craziness had began and it was merely called An Interview with a Book Blogger but things change, challenges get layed down, accepted, poems about Rabbit’s and Butterfly’s are written and owned and a standard normal ‘vanilla’ interview seems far off! Boo Ya! I am representing for the UK and unlike those nancy pampered over paid Footballers at the fairly recent Euro 2016 who bought shame to the UK with their shameful lack of passion and commitment! I however intend to bring it, lay the smackdown, main event, steal the show and do it like a boss – I’ve ran out of WWE phrases now apart from one final one, No Thrills Jill, if your not down with that, I got 2 words for ya!………..Suck It!


Yeah, I know it’s crazy that I just wrote those two words when dealing with Jill but hey, her response willbe amusing if somewhat foul-mouthed and smutty! So, I intend to bring pride back to the UK in this epic battle for the ages!

As this post is an epic battle, it’s only fair I give you a brief overview of the combatants before we progress on to the Slangdown itself, sort of a introduction so to speak.

You all know me, I’m Drew, proud blogger behind this blog. All around decent guy and English Gentleman. πŸ™‚

As she’s my partner in crime for this post, the Skeletor to my He-Man, the Megatron to my Optimus Prime and the Shredder to my Ninja Turtles. I thought I’d write a short introduction about Jill for anyone who doesn’t follow her blog, a sort of brief getting to know Jill! πŸ™‚

And so, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Jillian:


In west Philadelphia born and raised. On the playground was where she spent most of her days. Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool – Ah, damn, that’s not Jill, that’s the opening to the classic TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. My mistake, Jill’s from Philly just like the Fresh prince so it was a easy mistake to make!

Now, let me tell you a bit about Jillian. Well, she has a quality blog with some very interesting posts that are all really good well thought out reads. She is a writer aswell as a blogger, The Queen of Rants and The Mistress of Smut. And, an occasional potty mouthed but generally awesome blogger.

She has decent taste in music – she’s digging Tremonti at the moment, so I have to praise her for that. For reading habits, she mainly reads smut and baby books – Y-A yuck! Though she has recently progressed upwards to some big girl books. And…….she’s also a huge Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey fan girl, oh she may rant and rave about those books and how much she hates them on her blog but it’s all a facade. Deep down she loves them but won’t admit it as she doesn’t think it’s cool!

Jill is an animal lover, she particularly likes Fluffy rabbits of the rampant variety and anything else that lets her have a good stroke.

For her eating habits, well, Jillian’s favourite actual food is sausage and she loves nothing more than chowing down on all different kinds, chipolata, savaloy, wieners and even German bockwurst, Yum! I wonder if there’s any correlation between her sausage addiction and the smut she enjoys so much! And, her favourite foody treat is lollipops/freeze pops as she likes nothing more than being able to have a good lick and suck on them helping her cool down when she’s hot!

One last thing about her, a few tags I’ve seen often ask the question: what do you wear when blogging? Well, I now know the answer for Jill but alas I can’t tell you, if I did, you’d never be the same again! πŸ™‚

Anyhow, that’s Jillian, make sure you go say Hi to her! πŸ™‚

So, instead, we are doing a UK v US Slang showdown, where we have each have the other person 10 slang words from our own country and the other has to guess the meaning then use the word in a sentence, now for those with delicate eyes I have to advise there’s likely to be swearing and smut, while I can curse rapid like machine gun fire when I feel like it I try to stay within the bounds of decency whilst blogging and most of the aforementioned foul potty mouth will come courtesy of Jillian herself. In the interest of fairness as we don’t know the words we’ve been given there willbe some leeway on the answers being right or wrong.

Now, while it’s Jill’s idea and her creation, stemming from her post on Uk v US slang words and which is better that canbe found here. I’m not entirely down with the whole calling it Book Blogger Blind Date and I’m changing it, yep I’m a rebel, my blog, my rules, gimme a Hell Yeah!

And so, I present to you, the first ever:

UK v US Slangdown!


Β The Rules:

Now, the rules are simple, we have each given the other blogger 10 words from our own country, mine being the UK and Jill’s being the US. You may ask but surely you could just look the words up on the internet and while that is true we both agreed not to cheat and put are trust in each other to hold up that end of the deal. I trust Jill not to cheat and for me, well I know quite a few US words from TV and gaming and when she sent me her list I told her the ones I already knew, that happened a few times actually and she probably regretted suggesting we did this but it shows I’m not a cheat as I could have had a nice easy list of words I knew if I hadn’t said anything. And, instead I have this list with god knows what on it!

I will post the 10 US words Jill sent me with what I think they mean and a sentence using the word followed by her description of the real meaning and then afterwards I will post the 10 UK words I sent Jill with her description followed by the real meaning. After each word, be it from myself or Jillian and before the correct meaning, there willbe either a green tick or red cross to indicate if we got the words meaning correct or incorrect.

My attempt at deciphering US slang:



Me-OK, well, in the UK dank means musty, dark, gloomy and damp so I’d guess in the US it means something completely different, in the UK ‘rank’ as slang means horrible or disgusting so……….I’m not sure why but as the US seems to mean opposite things and it just sounds right in my head I’m going with Dank means Good.

“Man, that Pizza was dank!”.


Jillian-Dank- Slang term for good weed in Southern California that is now used to mean good food. I was really confused about this word when I first moved to Cali. I guy once told me I was dank and I was so confused. Some guys use it to mean hot, but it’s not commonly used that way. You also got this right.

2-Fall Back:

Me-Haven’t got a clue what this means in US slang, damn Jillian and her tricksy American words. OK, I know the saying ‘take the fall’ which means to take the blame for something someone else did, normally to save that person from getting into trouble. So, initially Β I was going to go with Fall Back meaning to repay the favour and take the fall for someone who has already done it for you.

“OK Dawg, I know, you took the fall for me, I’ll Fall Back for you”.

However, it just seems to easy to mean that and I feel ‘Fall Back’ sounds more like someone being in your face, annoying you, up close to you and in the UK we’d say back off and I think in the US they’d say Fall Back!

“Dammit Woman, leave me alone, I’ll do the freaking dishes in a minute now Fall Back”.


Jillian-Fall back- Means to relax or retreat. If someone is annoying you, you’d tell them to fall back. Annoyingly, you got this one right.


Me-This sounds like Joshing to me which means making fun of someone or having banter but I can’t help but feel it means something else in the US, it vaguely sounds familiar but with the US TV I watch then I’ve possibly heard of it before and just can’t remember…….something is telling me it means to want something really bad but I’m probably way off and it means something smutty as I’m sure at least one of the words Jill gave me has to be smutty in nature! Jonesing means wanting something really bad.

“Fluffy was craving for the days with Butterfly, No Thrills Jill the Nun, had ruined all poor old Fluffy’s fun, he was Jonesing for the times, when Butterfly let out her mighty sighs!”.


Jillian-Jonesing- Means to really want something. You’d say I’m jonesing for pizza. You got that right.

4-Mean Mugging:

Me-Haven’t a clue, sounds like ghetto slang to me! Can imagine it being in a rap song and as I don’t like rap I’m at a loss!!!!!!!!!! So, I’m going with it means similar to dissing someone and bad mouthing them.

“That homie be mean mugging me playa”.


Jillian-Mean mugging- Means to give someone an angry look. You’d say something like, “Yo, that dude is mean mugging you.” You got this wrong.

5-For the Birds:

Me-I know flipping the bird means giving someone the middle finger so I’m guessing this is along similar lines and means something like bad, crappy and terrible.

“Justin Bieber sucked, his music was for the birds!”.


Jillian-For the birds- means something is worthless. I’d say you got this right with the Justin Bieber comment.

6-Monday Morning Quarterback:

Me-I’m an American Football fan but haven’t heard of this saying before. Monday morning is usually the time for moaning about work and stuff as your back there after the weekend, so I presume it’s along those lines and Quaterbacks control the offence in a Football game and I’ve heard them talking in interviews about the mistakes they made during a game and what they should have done instead, etc. So, I think it means to question your decisions over something you did previously.

“Jill was complaining like a Monday Morning Quarterback about thinking up this post idea as she knows Drew’s going to win!”.


Jillian-Monday morning quarterback- Since American football is played on Sundays, we complain about the quarterback on Monday morning at work. This is the topic of conversation for the first few hours of the day, especially for Philly fans. It means to question something after the fact.”Jill is regretting her decision to do this Slangdown like a Monday morning quarterback.”

With the added comment from Jillian-How on Earth did you get this one? It’s about as weird as How’s your father?


Me-Yeah, I’m not even sure that this is a real word!!!! I mean come on!!!!!! OK, I haven’t a clue, it doesn’t sound like it would mean something bad, maybe something good?? Hhmm….Nah, I’m not feeling the bad meaning, it doesn’t gel with the word “that film was bad, it was real whoopensocker”. No, it sounds a happy word, god knows why but it does to me so I’m going with it means something is great/awesome.

“Dust by Tremonti is a freaking awesome song, man it’s totally whoopensocker!”.


Jillian-Whoopensocker- It means something is really awesome. But it usually refers to something that is unique. Like you wouldn’t say My Macbook Air is whoopensocker cause there’s millions of them out there. I’d still say you got this right.


Me-Ha, it’s a cartoon beagle or a word meaning being nosey. US slang term I haven’t the foggiest – UK word meaning ‘haven’t a clue’ Jillian. There’s bound to be one smutty word in Jill’s US selection and I think that this is it! Apologies to all you Snoopy fans out there you probably won’t be able to look at him the same ever again but I think Snoopy means and is a polite way to say ‘sex’ – sorry fans of the cartoon dog!

“We’ll be back in a minute, we’re just going outside to visit Snoopy!”.


Jillian-Snoopy- Means someone who is picky. You’d say, “Jill is so snoopy she won’t eat anything on the menu.” I’m a really picky eater so I’d be snoopy.


Me-These damn words keep getting weirder and weirder! First thing that popped into my mind when I read this word was idiot, nitwit, nincompoop or what they seem to say far more in America, as per Murray on The Goldbergs moron! So, that’s what I’m going with Bufflehead means idiot/moron.

“After trying to guess what that silly word whoopensocker meant, Drew was left feeling like a complete bufflehead!”.


Jillian-Bufflehead- Means an idiot. I thought you’d get this one right and you did.


Me-Hhmm, now if I wasn’t a fan of The A-Team and didn’t already know what jibber-jabber meant then I’d guess that jabble meant something similar to that but I am and I don’t think it does! Jabble sounds like jangle, sort of how keys jangle to me and people are always losing their keys. So, I think jabble means to misplace or lose something.

“Damn it, I jabbled my freaking keys again!”.


Jillian-Jabble- Means to mix things up. You’d say, “My things got all jabbled up when I moved to my new house.”Β Technically, you got this one wrong since it doesn’t mean to misplace something. I was being nice saying that you got this one right since it can also mean confused. I guess it would depend on how it’s used in a sentence, but the more common meaning of the word is to misplace something.

So, I managed to get 7 out of 10 US Slang words correct!


Β Now, lets see how Jillian does!

Jillian’s attempt at deciphering UK slang:


1-Bite your arm off:

Jillian-I’ve heard this a bunch of times on TV and I’ve always assumed it meant shut up, but I didn’t exactly read into it. I don’t think I need to use it in a sentence cause I’ve always heard it shouted by itself at someone, which is why I think it means shut up.


Me-Bite your arm off means, your really eager for something and want it, e.g Jill wanted to read Nevernight, she would bite her arm off for Drew’s arc of Nevernight! πŸ™‚Β 


Jillian-It reminds me of worms for some reason, but I think it actually means that you’re clueless. “Drew is a gormless twit.” How’s that? Haha! Hugs. Just kidding but that’s what I’m using for my sentence.


Me-Gormless, yeah, you got it right, congrats. πŸ™‚Β Β 

3-Fanny Adams:

Jillian-I get the pussy part of this but who is Adams? To me, Adams was a president of the US or the name of a beer. I’m going to say this is your version of calling someone a pussy. I don’t know. That’s my guess.


Me-Fanny Adams, oh why am I not surprised you thought Fanny was Pussy! Fanny Adams is the same as sweet Fanny Adams or sweet FA and is a polite way of saying Fuck All.Β 


Jillian-Okay, this one is hard. To an American, a crumpet looks like what we call a biscuit, but to Brits a biscuit is what we call a cookie. Hmm… That confuses me as far as how this word turns into slang. I want to say it’s another word for ass, as in she has a nice crumpet. But you already had arris on this list and since that was the same thing as arse I doubt you’d do that to me. Or would you? Who knows you’re sneaky.


Me-Crumpet, yeah let’s not start the whole biscuit/cookie debate! πŸ™‚ crumpet as slang means an attractive women, it’s quite an old saying not used as much now but I love a TV show called Steptoe and Son and it’s used in that, e.g cor, look at that crumpet! πŸ™‚Β Β 


Jillian-This sounds like willies to me, as in something makes you uncomfortable or creeps you out. That’s my guess. I would say, That place gave me the goolies. I’m probably way wrong and you’re laughing your ass off right now but whatever.


Me-Goolies means balls or testicles e.g a kick in the goolies would really hurt! πŸ™‚Β Β 

6-Rumpy Pumpy:

Jillian-This sounds like sex to me. I can’t remember if I’ve ever heard this in a show or not. If I did, I guess it didn’t need much explanation at the time. I don’t usually have to stop and think about what something means on TV cause it’s usually implied. What a weird term. Seriously. I’m thinking if this means sex that it’s used as more of a polite way of saying it. I don’t know. It’s probably the rude way. What do I know I’m just a silly American.


Me-Rumpy Pumpy, yes, your right it means sex and is the polite way of saying it, Rumpy Pumpy is similar to How’s your father and Slap and Tickle as being a polite way of saying sex.Β 


Jillian-I’ve looked at this word for a week and I keep thinking skater. I have no idea if this is an action or thing. It sounds like a scab. I could see someone saying they have a skrater. I honestly have no idea, not even the slightest.


Me-Skrater actually means a Trampy Chavy type of person.


Jillian-Knowing you, this is sexual. I’m going to say it’s probably something you’d say to your friends. It doesn’t sound all that polite and it’s a weird word. I’m going to go with, “I was scrumping this girl last night.”


Me-Ah, Jill and her smut, computer says no! Incorrect, scrumping means to steal fruit from a garden or Orchard.


Jillian-You said this is something a person does, but I’m still confused. I’m going to say this means to move quickly. No idea how to use it in a sentence.

Me-Shufti means to take a quick look at something.


10-On your bike:

Jillian-To me, this sounds like something you’d say if someone was being annoying. “You’re really on your bikeΒ today.” I have no idea. That’s my guess.


Me-On your bike is when someone is annoying you and you tell them to go away “Get off with you, on your bike ya filthy skrater!” -Technically Jillian got this one wrong but as she hasn’t done to well and is near to the correct meaning I’m allowing her to have this one.

So, Jillian managed to get 3 out of 10 UK Slang words correct!


And the Winner:

ME!!!!!! UK!!!!!!!

slangdown winner and loser with score

OK, Just so we are clear, I am the winner here! πŸ™‚ However I recommend that you visit Jillian’s own post on the Slangdown to see if she has changed the results and has in-fact ‘won’ on her own blog post!

The Link is here.

To finish, while the post won’t be to everyone’s taste. It must be wrote that I had a really fun time doing the post both, with and getting to know Jill in the process. So, I hope some of you have had fun reading the post to.

Β smiley-42842_640

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And one last time, Β because it amuses me, here’s Jill the loser of the challenge getting flushed in the toilet!

Loser US

22 thoughts on “Book Blogger Blind Date Presents: UK v US Slangdown.

  1. Oh, Drew! Your intro for me was lovely. I had sausage for breakfast. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll have a freeze pop later. Ha! It’s so shameful how many I got wrong. Like our presidential election isn’t shaming this country enough I couldn’t even get more than 3 words right. Ugh! I had a lot of fun doing this so it’s all good. You’re a bad boy! Just thought I’d mention that. Suck it! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s kinda hard to introduce Jill with only a short paragraph, haha! You need a thousand lines. Hahahaha, the sausage part?! Are you sure it comes from you, Drew? It sounds so much like her that no one can deny she’s rubbed off on you way too much!
    I’m reading your part only here because I’ll check her fail on UK slang on her post. You did quite well! I admit I only knew Jabble. You’ve spent so much time around her that you soiled Snoopy with a smutty meaning!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh my gosh!!! This is so funny and I love your intro for Jill πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now I have to get check hers out! & Jill did way better than I would have done, I knew like none of the UK ones, ooops.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post!! I especially loved the introduction. And I love how even with that first sentence “In West Philadelphia born and raised” I was immediately transported back to the Fresh Prince. Ha love it!! Your intro was hilarious.
    And I really love your graphics. They are eye-catching and memorable! πŸ™‚ Great job!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I like to think that with the graphics Jill in the toilet will live on! πŸ˜‚ it was a really cool post to do, me and Jill both had alot of fun with it. I know it was quite stereotypical using the fresh Prince for Jill just because she’s from philly to but I loved that show and well…..part of the theme song just had to be used! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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