The Face in the Mirror.

The Face in the Mirror:


I know what it’s like my oldest friend,

To be alone, staring at the end,

I’ve been this place before,

Understand, sometimes we all fall,

If you stopped for a second, asked if I was fine,

If you saw my hand beckon, showed you the sign,

Would you see behind my lies,

Could I hide the thousand tears I’ve cried,

I’m staring from the outside,

Looking at the emptiness within,

At the shattered pieces of my soul,

Wondering will I ever become whole,

Am I the face in the mirror?

The one with demons, surrounded by fear,

Is the reflection staring back me?

Am I  the darkness the world sees?

But believe that pictures wrong,

While I still don’t really belong,

I’ve wasted so much of my life,

Remember, I won’t lose this fight,

Not every colour fades,

Even the broken can mend,

And, though I fell so damn far,

With pride I wear my scars.


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