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Friday Face-Off 12th August 2016.


The Friday Face-Off is a new meme created by Books by Proxy, where the idea is to compare the UK and US covers of a book with each week  being a certain theme, this week’s theme is  “May flights of angels lead you on your way” – a cover which features an angel/angels

For the theme this week I have chosen: The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette deBodard. 

I’m pushing the boundaries of the theme this week as my choice doesn’t actually feature an angel/angel but angels wings but on a technicality that’s still an angel part! 🙂

Cover A:


Cover B:


Cover C:



Cover A:


I just prefer the colour scheme and artistic direction.

Thoughts?? Agree?/ Disagree??

Why not join in:

Next weeks theme: 19th August: “The blood is life… and it shall be mine!”- a cover which features ‘blood’

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24 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off 12th August 2016.

    1. Yes, sure.😀 With Proxy’s current absence from blogging a few of us got a list together and there’s themes for the next few weeks:

      -19th August: “The blood is life… and it shall be mine!”- a cover which features ‘blood’

      -26th August: I sit here looking out at all I own – A cover featuring a throne.

      -2nd Sept: Hell is empty and all the devils are here – A cover with a demon or demonic creatures.

      -9th Sept: Pack up your troubles… and … leave – A cover with some form of luggage

      -16th Sept: A bouquet for you m’lady – A cover featuring a flower/flowers.

      -23rd Sept: Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, timorous beastie – A cover with a beast or beasts.

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  1. No… can’t agree this time around. Cover B is one of my alltime favourite covers. Ever. I LOVE those beautiful shimmering colours and the real book just feels fabulous to touch… But a fantastic choice for this subject, Drew – I so very nearly went for it myself!

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  2. Ya, A for sure. Little more simplistic. Love the idea by the way! It’s also fun to see how titles are translated, they’re way different sometimes!

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