Through My Eyes.

Through My Eyes:


 I’m so sorry my friend,

The season of my life has come to an end,

This is my goodbye letter,

I’m tired of being trapped in the never,

I’m writing you these words,

Hoping you understand my hurt,

I’ve seen my whole world burn.

Watched as the clocks kept on turning,

No way to rewind, I can’t erase time,

The years have passed me by,

Damaged, lost, I felt crucified,

Wasted from all the pain I feel,

Never finding inside how to heal,

There’s only so many places left to scar,

Before you see you’ve fallen to far,

Forsaken, I gave in, abandoned hope,

Forgotten, no one remembers the broke,

There’s one thing you should know,

It was the hardest choice to let go,

If only you could see through my eyes,

Maybe you would understand why I gave up on life.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt: Eyes


13 thoughts on “Through My Eyes.

  1. Well, as I mentioned earlier, I’m still in the bank and wasn’t going to read it until I left, but it’s taking forever and so I had to read your misery. This is very sad but good. 😂 I didn’t cry though. Maybe because the bank people are staring at me. 🙂 They would’ve shamed me. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, right I still have to read your face off post. I’ve been either driving or sitting in this damn bank half my day. 😂 I’m sure someone else will cry. Very sad though. I’m sending hugs and you’ll hug me back whether you like it or not. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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