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6 Month Poetry Contest Results


Well, as the title suggests this is the second part of my 6 months of blogging poetry contest post. For those unaware to celebrate blogging for 6 months I decided to run a poetry contest for my fellow bloggers out there with a prize of book/books upto the value of £15 from the Book Depository for the winner and a runner-up prize of book/books upto the value of £10 also from the Book Depository.

I write poetry myself and thought that the contest was something a bit different instead of just another rafflecopter giveaway and that it would give you all a chance to do something creative and different to the usual reviews, tags or memes adding a bit of diversity. Unfortunately I didn’t get the turn out I thought I would and I’m rather disappointed that not more of you decided to enter, tuts and shakes head. And… was a chance at a free book, who doesn’t like free books and stuff in general!

Oh, well, my grouching asides. A huge thanks to the six of you who did enter, it’s appreciated. Your poems are all good and deserve praise, so please find below a list of links to the entered poems.

List of entered poems:

Sadly, I’m not made of money and can’t offer to send all who entered books though you deserve it for entering and there can be only one runner-up and one winner.

The Runner-up:


HeartKiller by Cover to Cover:

Covered in black from head to toe,

his face an expression of permanent scowl.

“Get away! Leave me alone! You’re all fake and wrong!”

He was hiding his weakness by coming off strong.

Petite, energetic and strawberry blonde,

she wanted to show how truly fond

of the broken man she had become,

all her feelings laid bare and buttons undone.

Back and forth,

on and off,

never looking to find a common goal.

Back and forth,

on and off,

never finding a way to become one single soul.

Broken, bruised and battered once more,

their hearts will go off in a search for another.

Shaken, stirred and suspicious once more,

is there anyone there who would love a cadaver?

Back and forth,

on and off,

two hearts locked away, forever undone.

Back and forth,

on and off,

HeartKiller’s work, however, is done!

I really Liked Liz’s poem and she did a great job telling a story with it, hoping to see more poems on Liz’s blog in the future! But for me the winner had to be Mum of an Addict by Sue from Books from Dusk Till Dawn, she used the same simple rhyming style that I do when writing. But I chose her as the winner because her poem is so heartfelt and personal, telling a story and it’s a very sad, meaningful and poignant one and I feel it’s a deserving winner but also that it must have taken a lot for her to share it.

The Winner:


Mum of an Addict by Books From Dusk Till Dawn:

How I hate my phone ringing in the middle of the night,

because I know before I answer that it’s you if it’s not light.

I see your name and picture appearing on my screen,

but I know where you are will be a different scene.

A room of desolation with bottles all around,

all empty and discarded not a pill left to be found.

An overdose again and regret you have lost your way,

My beautiful son, please just listen to what I have to say.

Please don’t do this please tell me where you are,

You know I am always here for you, you have come so far.

Drink and drug addiction is behind you now at last,

but I know life isn’t easy when you think about your past.

We talk and cry and you say you don’t want to die alone,

and I phone an ambulance and I meet them at your home.

But the phone call in the night is not the thing I fear,

It’s a knock and a policeman saying please take a seat my dear.

Now, Anne at Inked Brownies was a late entrant into the contest posting her poem on Monday and it is pure fun, it will have you laughing and smirking through it. As I mentioned earlier in the post I was a bit down hearted by the lack of entrants and part of me wished I hadn’t bothered with a contest then I got a notification of a poem from Anne, as you can see from the title of it below, it’s a fun read that will hopefully go down in the history of the bloggersphere and be kept in the annals for years to come. So, as she made me smile so much I’m awarding Anne a special award for writing the most fun poem and giving her the prize of a book up to £5 from the Book Depository:


An Ode To Sausages:

A sausage is no longer a sausage
when it has shed its skin
Inside out, outside in,
where does the meat begin?

Chopping and grinding,
into the sack it goes
The animals’ woes
any way the wind blows.

As the heat cranks up, 
and it starts to perspire
With the fullest desire
lord, that sausage’s on fire!

Chewing and swallowing,
while grease trickles down my lower lip
Please hand me the official pink slip,
because I like my sausage with a creamy white dip.

 OK, peeps all the poems are linked back to the respective blogs, please remember to go and have a peruse, gander, look and/or a shufti at each blog. 🙂

34 thoughts on “6 Month Poetry Contest Results

  1. I wish I knew how to write poetry 🙂 Those poems are beautiful, it was a nice idea. Don’t feel down about only getting 6 contestants, the exercise was difficult but you got some real good stuff!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. Oh my! Thanks very much Drew, rather humbled…
    and as for the winner- Congrats Sue! 🙂 ❤ I love your poem, it really strikes a chord and stopped my in my track for quite a few moments to think about it!

    Hehehe, as for the Sausage Ode- Drew, you're awesome! Anne totes deserves to mentioned here! 🙂 Well done Anne ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  3. don’t beat yourself over the fact that you drew in less entrants, there’s a reason for it , not everyone can write poems , I for one am horrible at it .

    I just read through all those poems and they are all superb . Man there are some talented people out there .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All of these poems are so good. The addiction poem really hit me when I read it. Liz’s poem is also really great. I think you picked some good choices. And Anne’s poem is hilarious. It’s so funny! I spit out my coffee when I read that yesterday. 🙂 I wish I was better at writing poetry or I would’ve entered. I did make an attempt and my poem is still incomplete.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. WELL deserved winners for sure. Mum of an Addict is so beautifully personal, my goodness. And I already thought Liz’s poem was a gem for sure! Only six contestants but quality > quantity my friend! (especially that sausage poem, top notch there :’) ). Thank you so much for mentioning me and giving me an awesome bonus prize! ❤ You rock! \m/

    P.s. I totally forgot what shufti meant again, but it makes perfect sense seeing as it means "you look" in Arabic!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow that poem is really personal and touching, a well deserved winner! I already new Liis was talented and Anne, I’m not surprised either she delivered a poem ;-). What surprises me is that she kept it so PG rated. Entering a contest like this one isn’t an option for me unfortunately, English is difficult enough as it is, let alone that I have to deliver it in rhyme (I actually often like that best in many poems). I still think it was worth it though if you see this amazing result of the poems.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Loved this contest Drew! I have no poetic skills but enjoyed them all. Ode to Sausages now hold a special piece of my heart ❤ There were some great submissions though 🙂 Agree with Inge, the winning poem is so personal and deserving!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Those are really great poems! And that sausage poem is hilarious! Nice work and congrats to the winners. Well deserved! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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