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Songs on Repeat Book Tag.


I was tagged by Tammy over at A Word About Books, as always please hop on over and check her blog out.

Here are the songs I current keep playing, sorry for you all out there who are expecting Justin Bieber and the such, you won’t find any of that nonsense on my blog. But for those who like rock, metal and some meaningful lyrics enjoy!

On a side note, before posting I have checked every video and they work, if they don’t work after the post has actually been posted them blame wordpress and not me. πŸ™‚


When You Grieve:

My Letter (Piano):

Do You Remember:

Live And Breathe:

Fatal Fall:

Any Given Day:

If Tomorrow Never Shows:

Home Is Where The Heart Is:

Home Is Where The Heart Is Acoustic:

Dead Forever:



The Things I’ve Seen:

Five Finger Death Punch:

I Apologize:

My Nemesis:

Digging My Own Grave:

Demon Hunter:

I Play Dead:

One Thousand Apologies:

Well, that’s the sort of stuff I listen to, I tag everyone who wants to do this tag, show us what you listen to!

43 thoughts on “Songs on Repeat Book Tag.

  1. Interesting stuff Drew… I hadn’t listened to any of these bands before, apart from FFDP, I saw them live at the Download festival in 2010. So I took a quick listen to 1-2 songs from each band… There seems to be an overall taste in vocals based on the bands you included- clean πŸ™‚ I definitely need to listed to Flaw a bit more cause the teaser I got was good and I really-really liked the bass in Any Given Day- Home is where the heart is… Yeah, good stuff, always nice to find new tunes!

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  2. Demon Hunter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the only band I recognized lol. I liked the other two bands you mentioned so I will be checking those out during my lunch time. Download the albums. Thanks for this post! I always love checking out new music.

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  3. Flaw is awesome! Those are all of my fav songs, too. And Dust I think might be my song of the year, but I don’t know I’m super obsessed with My Letter now. πŸ™‚ Ha! Do you remember the time I told you I fell asleep while listening to Demon Hunter and woke up and thought I was having a hard attack? πŸ˜‚ They scared the shit out of me. Oops, that will probably be spammed, too. Oh, well! Suck it WordPress spam filter peeps.

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    1. Ha, this comment got spammed! I thought with the others coming through that they all would but just checked after your last comment!

      Ha, I remember some Demon Hunter are quite mellow but other songs loud and angry! 🀘

      Woop woop, love for Flaw, hell yeah!

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      1. What the hell? I saw this one post when I commented on your blog. Everyone else I commented back to today ended up disappearing again. I’m so annoyed about it I don’t think I’m going to comment on any blogs until next week. This is such a waste of everyone’s time. I hate WordPress!

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      2. I don’t get it. You’ve approved so many comments already. They should work on your blog now. I think I’m done commenting on any posts until next week when Akismet is back. I can’t deal with this. All the hours I spent between yesterday and today and now they’re either gone completely or in some spam folder. I can’t keep commenting on posts and then sending each person a DM or tweet. Frustrated! I hate WordPress! Not worth any of the money I paid them and their support has sucked from day one.

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      3. I have no idea. In the past I’ve had to mark them as not spam and then after that I would have to go in and click approve on all of them. Is it not like that for you? I’m so frustrated with this spam thing.

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      4. I’m replying by the wordpress reader as I’m on my phone, it’s probably different on the actual computer but in the Reader you get three options, approve, bin, not spam and I picked not spam as that’s where the comments were, in the spam.

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      5. If you do it from your computer, you have the option to mark as not spam and then it goes into another folder where you have to approve it. That helped everyone I did it for in the past. Not sure about the phone.

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    2. Still not fixed eh? 😦 It was madness for me as well with all my comments disappearing, but at least I got it solved within 24 hours. Fucking Akismet not being available. I had a chat with the WP help team back then as well but that didn’t solve shit. The guy didn’t even know what I meant >.<

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      1. I’m so screwed. It’s been 2 days already and my comments keep disappearing and I have no one to contact. They give you a PDF file you can download and then ask you if you want to pay for their service. Uh, no thank you!

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  4. Ah… such dulcet tunes:). I enjoy a dash of Rammstein now and then – but I have to be in the mood for them and I think your mood music is just a tad more… MORE than I could easily write to. I enjoyed listening to this selection – thank you for sharing, Drew.

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  5. Gotta admit that the only bad I recognized was Five Finger Death Punch πŸ˜… But I really liked their songs that you chose!

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  6. What? No Bieber?! XD Great list Drew! I knew 3 of the bands (2 of them thanks to you and Jill talking about them), so don’t feel like a complete noob now! πŸ˜€ Did you send Craig a message yet btw? Apparently, he doesn’t know how Twitter works, so he asked if you could send him a message on FB. He’s the owner of http://www.allheavymetal.net and gets a shitload of albums every day up for review. He’d love it if you’d be willing to listen to one (or more) of them and give a nice review for his website + free new music for you! πŸ™‚

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      1. Haha, who knows, some people might’ve really digged it ;). If that’s a word… Ooh, well, then he just has to send you a DM or email if he wants to contact you *nods*. Thought it was kinda silly to hook up via Facebook anyways.

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  7. Wow, I really like Flaw… listening to the first song now. Five Finger Death Punch is awesome too, I’ve written poetry to them. The new song, ‘I Apologize’ kicks arse. Have you heard Cirizen’s Zero – Let me Save You? It’s more on the beat of Shinedown’s pulse but I love Shinedown. Slyar’s Dark Daze is good too. Ok I can talk forever here all on kinds of music… lol

    Great Post! You are my new music buddy!

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      1. Yes, I really like what I am hearing and going through their songs now. I’m always on the lookout for new music … especially hardcore, dub, etc for My Velomeph fantasy poetic series. Feel free to share anytime!

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  8. I was thinking maybe I would I do this tag but make it for a particular kind of music. Like all of my punk rock or classic rock recommendations. What do you think? It’s better than some snoozerific post about the same books. 😴 And I’m out of my cage and going comment crazy if you haven’t noticed. πŸ™‚

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