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The Learn by Tony Halker Blog Tour (Guest Post).


The Learn Book Blurb:

Blending reality, history and legend, about a time when women were considered as important as men, taking power in an oral society that worships the Goddess. A whole Celtic Druid world is laid out before us, incorporating beliefs, technology and the natural environment.

 A Celtic boy, a beach scavenger, is pledged to the Learn, a life of endurance, a path to become sworn Druid: scholar and warrior.  Young women and men progress, becoming Priests and Druidii. Friendship, affection, passion and care develop as novices mature, confidence emerging. 

Seasonal battles of winter and summer bring rich festivals when seeds of men are taken by women in pleasure to prove fertility. Small damaged, hurt peoples on the margins of Celtic society blend in and out of vision.

 At frontiers with Nature, dependent for everything on what the earth gives or takes, an emotional response to the natural environment defines who people are and the values they live by. 

A lyrical novel resonating with modern readers through portrayal of character, language and history; arising from a landscape of today, yet centred in the Celtic Bronze Age of North Wales.

Today on TheTattooedBookGeek I’m privileged to be taking part in The Learn by Tony Halker Blog Tour, bringing you a guest post from the author himself.

Guest Post:

Most Passionate About: 

I care about equality, there are characters in my book who are small and damaged, there is one character, Fire Keeper whose sex we do not know, who lives a lonely mountain life yet has purpose, finding a way to exist for that, though others no longer need him/her to keep fire. I envisage the small people (Syth in The Learn, Sidhe in the Irish Gaelic) as being damaged by diet, in-breeding and working in the dark to extract metal ores. I hope the book neither champions these people nor condemns them for being different, rather I hope it values them for what they contribute. Some Celt tribes condemn Syth because they do not know or understand them; the Syth are used as an excuse to hate; proxy prejudice hiding issues of fear, trade, wealth and power.

Women share power in The Learn: a man can be a Druid or clan leader, a woman can be both. Like all of us I am limited by the assumptions we make about the words I have available to use. I want the word Priest to include women and men, in the same way I want the word Priestess to do the same and include men. God and Goddess words ask to be used in this book; I want them to be gender neutral, where the folklore I draw on allows, I have resorted to Deity to achieve gender neutrality. It is very hard because of the in-bred assumptions that come with words. I have not succeeded as I would wish because of the limitations of vocabulary.

I have two grown up daughters and often remind them that French women could not vote until 1945 and could not have a bank account until well into the 1960s; I hope they, other women and men use the votes others fought to give them. Equality of all kinds is hard fought for and the battle never won. The book looks at authority figures; their attempts to deny freedom of thought in their arrogant political power belief that they are right in what they “teach” or groom in to young and less young.

The Learn is available to purchase:

Amazon UK  /  Foyles  /  Amazon US  /  The Book Depository

About the Author:


Born in London, Tony Halker studied geology at Leeds University after which he worked as a geologist, travelling extensively overseas. Following an MBA at Cranfield School of Management, he became a manager in hi-tec business and later a businessman and entrepreneur.

His writing is inspired by powerful natural landscapes and his interest in the people and technologies emerging from those hard places.

His two daughters were born in North Wales. He lives with his wife there and in Hertfordshire.

Tony can be found:

Website  /  Blog  /  Twitter

Well, that concludes my stop on The Learn Blog Tour, thanks for stopping by and below you can find the tour schedule.


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