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Horror October Flash Fiction Battle


Horror October is an annual blog event hosted by Lipsyy Lost & Found to celebrate her love of horror and the countdown to Halloween. 2016 is the 4th year of Horror October and to mark the event Lipsy is hosting a Flash Fiction Battle. Four of the best independent horror authors will write an original story based on a theme chosen by you!

Then afterwards, the winner willbe crowned the King or Queen of Horror for October anyway as I’m sure Justin Bieber will try his best to reclaim his crown for the most horrifying abomination ever after October has ended! πŸ™‚

The four independent authors are:

Now, this is Lipsy’s event and I am merely helping her to promote it, below you will find a poll with all the choices for the themes. You can choose your three favourite themes and when voting is over I will send Lipsy the results so that she can collate the results at the end.Β Afterwards, you will then have the chance to vote for your favourite story.

Voting has begun, and will end on October 6th so get to it and start voting!

16 thoughts on “Horror October Flash Fiction Battle

  1. I voted! I chose circus of blood, bad night for a storm, and unspeakable crimes. I’m curious about circus of blood. I’d love to see that one! πŸ™Œ Can we get slasher movie meets the creepy circus peeps? That would be awesome! 😜

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  2. Omg, so many awesome October/Halloween events going around here. And I want to participate in ALL of them! Except that I have to finish my ARC’s first. DAMN YOU CONSCIENCE!! *shakes fist*. I see I’m in the minority here for picking Red Tape Road Trip. Who doesn’t love a great road trip horror fest?! Circus of Blood and Bad Night for a storm were my other picks, though, so I’m good there ;).

    Oh, and I’m totally going to take care of the PR for my husband, The Biebs for that contest :’).

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