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Book Haul: The Guns of Empire and The Cthulu Casebooks.


Don’t they look amazing! I received two absolutely stunning books in the post today, yay to the postman for actually delivering them, thanks for that and then massive thanks to both Titan Books for The Cthulu Casebooks – Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows by James Lovegrove and Head of Zeus for The Guns of Empire – Book 4 in Django Wexler’s awesome The Shadow Campaigns series.


The Guns of Empire by Django Wexler (Released 3rd November 2016 – UK) – but it’s already available on both Amazon UK and US so I’m guessing the press release that came with the book is wrong.

Book Blurb:

As the roar of the guns subsides and the smoke of battle clears, the country of Vordan is offered a fragile peace. After their shattering defeats at the hands of brilliant General Janus bet Vhalnich, the opposing powers have called all sides to the negotiating table in hopes of securing an end to the war. Queen Raesinia of Vordan is anxious to see the return of peace, but Janus insists that any peace with the implacable Sworn Church of Elysium is doomed to fail. For their Priests of the Black, there can be no truce with heretics and demons they seek to destroy, and the war is to the death.

Soldiers Marcus d’Ivoire and Winter Ihernglass find themselves caught between their general and their queen. Now, each must decide which leader truly commands their loyalty and what price they might pay for final victory. And in the depths of Elysium, a malign force is rising and defeating it might mean making sacrifices beyond anything they have ever imagined.


Amazon UK  /  Amazon US  /  The Book Depository


The Cthulu Casebooks – Sherlock Holmes and the Shadwell Shadows by James Lovegrove (Released 15th November 2016 – UK).

Book Blurb:

It is the autumn of 1880, and Dr John Watson has just returned from Afghanistan. Badly injured and desperate to forget a nightmarish expedition that left him doubting his sanity, Watson is close to destitution when he meets the extraordinary Sherlock Holmes, who is investigating a series of deaths in the Shadwell district of London. Several bodies have been found, the victims appearing to have starved to death over the course of several weeks, and yet they were reported alive and well mere days before. Moreover, there are disturbing reports of creeping shadows that inspire dread in any who stray too close. Holmes deduces a connection between the deaths and a sinister drug lord who is seeking to expand his criminal empire. Yet both he and Watson are soon forced to accept that there are forces at work far more powerful than they could ever have imagined. Forces that can be summoned, if one is brave or mad enough to dare…


Amazon UK  /  Amazon US  /  The Book Depository

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31 thoughts on “Book Haul: The Guns of Empire and The Cthulu Casebooks.

    1. It’s an awesome looking book, it’s got a lime green inner and it contrasts so well with the black outer cover, it’s a fingers crossed that the book itself is as good as the cover! 😂 Review maybe a while, I’ve got the book I’m reading to finish and intend to read a fantasy book after that and then I’ll start Sherlock.😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that book went missing, I hope the postman enjoyed it seen as it’s the third in the series! Ha, if someone reviews it and starts the review with “it’s the third book in the series and I haven’t read the previous two” then it’s probably the postman in disguise!😂

      Yeah, surprising isn’t it, two packages, must have been an honest postie as usually it’d be “well, he doesn’t need to packages, I know, one for you and one for me” and one would go missing!😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have never had this problem in the US. The only time a package goes missing for me is when I send one to Europe. I guess there’s a lot of dishonest postmen out there. Here they’d get fired for losing people’s mail all the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. He’s not in charge yet, and if that happens, England might have a lot of Americans begging to take them back. 😂 LOL I asked my dad that the other day as a joke and he was like yeah, right their taxes are too high. He has a good point. 🙈

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  1. Your post delivered something?? CHAMPAGNE!!! I mean, wow, that’s a change!! 😀 I’m slowly losing hope to ever see my birthday package.
    I like the cover for The Guns of Empire, but what’s with the green on the second one? Definitely not my favorite color!

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  2. These really are two gorgeous looking books. I still have to catch up with the Wexler series. I hate getting behind because then it becomes a task.
    Enjoy your reads and I look forward to your reviews – particularly the Sherlock book.
    Lynn 😀

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  3. I received the Cthulu casebook to review but i declined , I am a busy man these days , hopefully i will see your review and regret about missing out on the opportunity later

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