A Poem To The World.

A Poem To The World:


I sit here alone,

Watching the world corrode,


How did we end up down this road?


When did our hope erode?

I’m not the brightest,

The smartest,

Even the kindest,

I wear my faded scars,

From times of self harm,

A soldier of the damned,

But I still understand,

Although quite young,

I’m old in mind

And, I can relive a time,

Before knives and Guns,

When children were safe,

Could play in the setting sun,

Before the hate,

Before it was to late,


Before the world burns,

There’s something we should all learn,

The festering corruption,

Our path to destruction,

If there’s to be a future,

A time after this disease,

We need to stitch,

We need to suture,

To heal the cracks,

To take our world back,

Sister, Brother,

Father,Β Mother,

To be there,

To love each other,

Although the names,

The colours change,


We all bleed the same.

48 thoughts on “A Poem To The World.

  1. I agree with everyone on that this is an absolutely fantastic poem…
    I also agree that it’s timely and apt considering the current American Election, but I would also like to say that I feel this poem would be timely since the beginning of times seeing that Earth has had more war times than peace and that corruption didn’t happen overnight with the coming of trump, but it has always been there, in some cases more evidently than others…
    Still.. I digress, wonderful poem Drew!

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