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Friday Face-Off 25th November 2016.


The Friday Face-Off is a new meme created by Books by Proxy, where the idea is to compare the UK and US covers of a book with each week  being a certain theme, this week’s theme is: “as old as the hills” – a cover featuring a mountain.

For the theme this week I have chosen: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Cover A:


Cover B:


Cover C:


Cover D:


Cover E:


Cover F:


Cover G:


Cover H:


Cover I:


Cover J:


Cover K:



Cover A:


I think Cover A is a truly stunning cover with an amazing picturesque background, Direwolf and an exquisite font. Though Cover E is a close second.

Thoughts?? Agree?? Disagree??

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41 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off 25th November 2016.

  1. Great – we’ve all chosen something quite different this week:)). Cracking choice of book here, Drew. My favourite cover is Sean Bean sitting on said throne, looking pained and as I’ve ACTUALLY sat on that throne at Fantasycon a few years back when George R.R. Martin was guest of honour – I know exactly why he’s looking so wracked – it has to be THE most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever sat on!

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      1. Yes – he’s clearly a lovely, lovely man. Very down to earth and courteous. He was pretty much mobbed – particularly near the start of the Con and he dealt with all the attention with great politeness and tact.

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      1. I haven’t read this series yet, although I really want to and have for a while now. Hopefully someday!

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      2. I’d say there’s no rush, may as well wait until it’s finished, then you won’t have to wait 5/6 years between books.😀

        And, that’s the difference between someone who hasn’t read the series and someone who has, you write hopefully someday to reading it whilst all those who’ve read it write hopefully someday he’ll finish writing it.😂

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    1. There’s so many covers for this book, some are great, some not too bad and some terrible. I’m not sure about ordering from outside the US, the UK does have some cool covers but your book “B” and the copy I own “C” are just older covers whereas some of the new covers are really awesome.😀

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      1. True. I did pick mine up very late in. I maybe should have waited all together. Haha! I can’t stand this.. he is killing me. I have never loved, admired, and been so angry with a man. I am torn and confused.. 😉

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  2. Love your choice – I’m torn between your choice (great font) and the Sean Bean – just because Sean Bean! Still can’t believe GRRM – might never forgive him – can’t say more of course for the sake of spoilers!
    Lynn 😀

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  3. Great choice! I love the cold sort of atmosphere to that cover – I feel like it represents the series well for me. I also really like C and the Italian cover! I’ve seen the Italian one is person and it’s gorgeous and leather!

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  4. I agree with you this week. The font and the lone wolf does looks awesome. (Helps that a wolf is my favourite animal) Cover E is an extremely close second for me too. I love the archaic look and the gold impression on the black cover, really stands out.

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  5. I like the Ned Stark cover best. The first one is kinda blah. It just looks like snow and what I’m assuming is a dire wolf. I did this book for my very first Face-Off post. I didn’t even know this book had versions with mountains.

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