A Poem by Me: Father.


On this fateful day,

Seven years ago,

You went away,

Your story ending,

You left this world,



Chapters of your life,

In death remain untold,

Now, I stand here,

The ghosts that haunt,

Surround, are still near,

As I look upon your grave,

I couldn’t call you father,

Even call you friend,

You were a bastard,

Up until your end,

As I lay these flowers down,

Please know,

I’m a damaged man,

But inside I’ve grown,

While I can’t forget,

I can forgive,

God didn’t make you suffer,

Letting you fade in peace,

I know the pain of watching,

Would have broken my Mother,



On this cold day in December,

You weren’t as bad,

As I once remembered,


Sadly, is a bridge to far,

A lifetime to late,


Maybe in some way,

You were absolved,

You atoned,

And judging,

God truly knew,

That at times,

I would miss…….

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29 thoughts on “A Poem by Me: Father.

  1. This is one of those moments when you read something and get to the end and realise you have just witnessed the truest beauty born from deep pain. But in the writing there is often release, at least that’s what I have experienced. And even if sending it out there only gives a partial relief, it is still relief. Thanks for sharing xx


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