A Poem: To The One’s I Lost Along The Way.


As another year begins to end,

I start to look back,

Reflecting on departed friends,

In the distance I think I hear you call,

Though I know your gone,

The rain in sadness, starts to fall,

But it’s only an imprint, an echo,

A memory of a place,

Now found only in thought, lost long ago,

I can’t stop, can’t buy back time,

The clock forever, it keeps turning,

Guilt at how you died, my only crime,

I wear your name, tattooed on my arm,

It eases, helps with the pain,

A light in the dark, it keeps me calm,

On this cold day in December,

To the ones I lost along the way,

In my heart, always, I will remember.

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40 thoughts on “A Poem: To The One’s I Lost Along The Way.

      1. Oh, I’m sure you will, quite surprised you didn’t with this though as it’s poetry and you know from work that I’m more known for my sarcasm and inappropriate comments than meaningful stuff!


      2. This is very true! I offer my humble apologies for not ripping into that delicate, soft (I can only assume it is made of satin, lace and all things frilly) underside I did not know you had 😉 you see, I’m trying.

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