A Poem: The Meaning of Pain


You asked once, if I knew the meaning of pain,

I let you see the sadness, the despair in my eyes,

And I answered,

The meaning of pain is feeling nothing, it’s being lost, slowly coming undone,

You asked once, why I cut myself,

I showed you my memories, the faded scars,

And I answered,

I cut myself to feel, crimson tears pull me from the edge, they help me heal,

You asked once, will I make it through,

I told you my failure, the tragedy that is my story,

And I answered,

It’s not how often you fall, it’s how many times you get back up, fight this war,

Years later, down many roads travelled,

You asked again, if I knew the meaning of pain,

I turned my back, started walking away,

And I answered,

The meaning of pain for the already dead, is life, it’s living.

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38 thoughts on “A Poem: The Meaning of Pain

  1. To truly live into this poem I’d need to go into that hidden, past self… I can’t do that at the moment, I’m working on positivity and fighting some stupid demons in me head… but… This is a good poem. I know it would hit the mark if I let it!

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  2. Searching for a meaning for our pain – what an important theme. It’s something that’s so important, yet so hard for us. I was just writing about trying to find meaning after my own losses – it can feel hard to do that without belittling the pain, as I felt you pointed to.

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