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An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters.


I was going to bring you a review today but due to recent events in the book blogging community I decided instead to bring you this and offer my opinion, a vitriolic diatribe of acid spitting or if you prefer, an open letter to the uninformed masses and the haters.

Firstly, recently there has been some issues with indie authors bullying and harassing certain bloggers. Now, I need to make it perfectly clear that it hasn’t happened to me, all the indie authors that I have had dealings with since I started blogging have always been polite, respectful and completely stand up 100% decent but unfortunately there are always some who will tarnish your good name.

As bloggers we offer honest reviews, the big word there being ‘honest’ and we will review accordingly, offering honest critique. Sadly, we can’t like every book and not every book can be perfect and wonderful, add in varying tastes and what one blogger didn’t like another may love and at times you will get issues with books. I understand that if a blogger gives your book a bad review and doesn’t explain why they didn’t like the book then that would be annoying, trust me, its annoying as a reader, we want to know why the person liked or disliked a book to, not just that they did.

But! Resorting to bullying and harassing the reviewer over it isn’t the right option, frankly, banter is fun but bullying in any form isn’t acceptable behaviour, it’s childish and immature and as an adult you should leave it in the playground, banished to the memories of childhood, otherwise go to the nearest supermarket, buy yourself a dummy and some nappies (pacifier and diapers for my American followers) and dress how you act, like a baby.

Harassing and bullying only gives you a bad name and reputation and while certain bloggers will keep quiet over it others won’t, it’s just plain wrong. Surely you as an author would want to cultivate good relationships with bloggers and your readers?

If the blogger has offered honest critique and explained why they didn’t like certain things in your book, giving reasons behind their thoughts then while disappointed that your work hasn’t got the plaudits and received the response you expected, please don’t take it out on the blogger as they have explained what issues they have, be upset, yes but act mature over it to. We offer honest reviews, it’s what we do and perhaps if you can’t take that honesty then you need to think twice about being a writer and publishing books. I’m fairly certain there isn’t one single book ever released that hasn’t been given a bad review.

This may seem like I’m being harsh but I’m not and I’ll reiterate again, all the indie authors I’ve dealt with have always been really nice in all the dealings I’ve had with them, top people.

A blogger I know (who will remain nameless) one of the nicest bloggers you’ll find, writes decent and detailed reviews, doesn’t write anything negative, always offers critique with reasons why they felt like they did about certain things suffered harassment and bullying over their reviews by authors and it caused them distress. They wrote a heartfelt blog post over it and you could see how much it had upset them, that they were being harassed for giving their honest opinion, causing someone pain like that is wrong, its tant amount to trolling and isn’t acceptable behaviour.

The point I’m trying to get across is that as bloggers and more importantly as readers, we respect you as authors, you put in many countless hours, creating, drafting, writing, fine tuning, editing and finally publishing your work to give us readers hours of pleasure. All I’m asking is that as both bloggers and readers we respect you, please respect us to.

Secondly, there has been issues on Facebook regarding ‘serial’ bloggers and most recently venomous accusations and comments that bloggers aren’t in fact ‘real’ readers, yeah, my response to that was also WTF!

According to the dictionary a ‘reader’ is someone who reads and the definition of ‘real’ is genuine, existing in fact, actual. So, I read and if you cut me, I bleed, ergo I must be real so then I am actually a real reader, simple really, ya dig!

But that’s not what they meant, the uninformed masses imply that as we occasionally/often get sent books for free that we don’t review honestly, only give good reviews to receive more free books and aren’t real readers as we don’t do it due to our love of books but down to advertising ourselves and our blogs for free stuff.

Newsflash to the ignoramuses that think that, I’ve emailed with publishers and they want honest reviews be they good or bad for the books to give an honest and well-rounded overall opinion. Giving good reviews for free books doesn’t work, it’s about honesty and real opinions. It’s wrong of people to imply that, they are saying that we whore ourselves out for free books, I might be a sarcastic ass at times but I’m no manwhore and I always give my honest opinion.

Side note, it should be pretty obvious I offer my honest opinion with this ongoing diatribe! 🙂

Saying that bloggers are not real readers is complete bullshit and while there’ll only be one or two of you who get this WWE reference, it’s apt…..and if you’re not down with that I’ve got 2 words for ya!!!!

It’s begs the question why you felt the need to pick on book bloggers, is blogger bashing fun? Are you jealous of our free books? Did you try to be a blogger and fail? Or do you just think you’re better than us?

I’m not sure how you think that just because we get books to review that it makes our reviews any less valid than yours if you are as you so eloquently put it ‘real readers’. You might right a 20 word review and post it on Goodreads and Amazon or you may not even bother with that, if that’s the case then I ask you if you are a real reader and book lover then why don’t you share your thoughts and write a review? As bloggers we don’t write 20 word reviews, we put time and effort into putting together the best review that we can, highlighting both the good and the bad in a book and our own thoughts and feelings.

We aren’t professionals, we are just simply book lovers. In the syndicated media you get professional reviewers of books, games, films, how are those reviews valid and bloggers aren’t? They get a free product and get paid for it, it’s their job, we do it for the love of it.

Do you realise how much work it takes to run a book blog? Did you think of that when you all decided to put down book bloggers! We write reviews, host blog tours, guest posts, interviews, memes, tags and features to. We visit and comment on various other blogs. And before all that, we create the blog, our own little corner of the Internet, think up a name, design the graphics, etc, it all takes time and it’s worth it, don’t put us down as not being ‘real’ readers when we all put effort into creating and maintaining a blog.

We blog because we are book lovers and we were reading books far before we started blogging, we didn’t wake up one day and think ‘oh, I’ll create a book blog to get free books’ silly dumb dumbs! We created a blog to share our love of books. No matter the genre we read, we are all passionate readers, instead of coming up with crap about us not being real readers, go and visit our blogs, look at the time and effort that we’ve put into them and while you’re there, read our reviews, you will see the love and the passion we have for reading come through in our reviews!

We do this for free, if we get paid no-one ever told me! We might get sent a free book and we read it because we love books but……while the book was free you then need to equate the time spent reviewing. I’m not quick at writing reviews and then you create the review graphics, etc, let’s say that all takes 3 hours, 3 hours at UK minimum wage is approximately £22, if the book cost £8 then we are still out £14 for the time we took to review!

Bloggers aren’t just about free books, admittedly they are wonderful and it’s a great feeling to be added to mailing lists and receive books but it also means that we have put the effort in and that the author/publisher is impressed with our blog. We’d still be blogging even if we never got a free book as we are book lovers.

I recently posted a 5* glowing review for a book, it was one of the first reviews for the soon to be released book, oh no, it was also a free book, the shame, I’ll go to church and repent my sin, then I’ll buy you real readers a gun, you can form a firing squad and shoot me for it! You know what, I could care less that it was a free book, if I hadn’t got a copy to review then I’d have brought it when it had been released anyway as it was a book that interested me! I got a review copy so don’t need to buy it but hopefully some will have seen my review and the book will have come to their attention when without the review it might not have done, that’s what we as bloggers do, share and bring books to other book lovers attention that otherwise might have been overlooked.

As a book lover the best bit wasn’t the free book, no, it was when the author commented on my review, saying that as a debut author it is reviews like mine that makes the journey to getting a book published worthwhile and seeing that readers are enjoying his work!

Likewise, my book of the year for last year was a free book, it was the fourth and final book in a series, I’d purchased the three previous books over the last three years, after reading the first the second and third were pre-orders and release day reads, oh look, books I paid for, are you so-called real readers telling me then that my opinion on that fourth and final book wasn’t valid and was biased?! I don’t think so! You see, it was a book I was looking forward to before I even started or considering blogging and luckily I loved it but if it had been a letdown then I’d have reviewed honestly, it’s what we do!

Our opinions are valid, justifiable, bona fide, genuine and reliable and are a result of many years spent reading books in the genres that we love!!!!

Bloggers don’t just get free books and churn out quick reviews, I hope all you supposed real readers know that, we put time and effort into our blogs and we write passionate reviews! We help indie authors promote their books by reviews, interviews, guest posts, extracts, spotlights, etc and this helps the indie author get their name and their book out there, it HELPS them when they’d be left with no real way to get the book promotion. We also do all those things for publishers to, we help publishers and authors, that is what a blogger does, unpaid, we’re not professionals, just book lovers who in their spare time share that love of books with others.

We help indie, traditional authors and publishers, contrary to what those who think we aren’t real readers may think, to paraphrase The Lion King, it’s not the circle of life, it’s the circle of books, authors, publishers and in a small miniscule way bloggers!

To conclude, before we were book bloggers, we were book lovers and before that we were simply readers. Our infinity with reading and our love for and enjoyment in it has come over many years. While we all have different reasons for blogging at the core, we blog to share our love of books and offer our opinions and thoughts. To say book bloggers aren’t ‘real’ readers is laughable and a complete lie.

When I started writing this last night it was raining, perhaps it was the weather, it probably was, but maybe, just maybe it was God weeping at your ineptitude to comprehend what everyone else already knows and that is that Book bloggers are real readers and those who think otherwise sadly are real idiots.

Now, this afternoon after work and chores, as I reach the conclusion of this diatribe that I’ve spent my spare time writing for my own little blog that I put time and effort into I might add! The sun is shining, again, it’s probably the weather but maybe, just maybe it’s a sign that this post is cathartic and that book bloggers are real readers too!

To all those who claim book bloggers aren’t ‘real’ readers I now await your earnest apologies!

Yours sincerely,

Drew, The Tattooed Book Geek, book lover, book blogger and real reader!


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121 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters.

  1. This was a wonderful post. I had no idea some people thought of book bloggers in that way! Not ‘real readers’ oh I feel like going all Gordon Ramsey on those people. Just because it’s a free book doesn’t mean anything. I’ve won multiple free books but that doesn’t mean I give it 5 stars just so I can get more. Not at all. And I love how you mentioned all the time and effort it takes to write posts and overall just run a book blog. And I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m completely fine doing this for years to come, without getting paid for it. I never expected to get paid to blog! That’s not how it works! That’s certainly not why I started a blog in the first place. Overall, great discussion.

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    1. Thank you, yeah, sadly it’s been quite apparent recently about book blogger bashing, mainly in FB groups, it happened one week and then this past weekend the whole book bloggers aren’t real readers crap came up, it wasn’t a group I’m part of but I saw some comments and it was drivel, even with free books we still put time and effort into our blogs.

      I don’t think anyone wants to get paid for blogging, it’s a hobby, i know people monetize their blog but it’s a personal choice and it’s not the same as actually getting paid for a review, we all do it for the love of it, not going to lie, I love free books, they are great but they are an extra that comes from blogging, if people don’t like it then don’t read blogs, simple really but they can’t class them selves as real readers and not us when you look at the effort we put into what we do. 🙂

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      1. I don’t had a facebook so I had no idea this was going on because I hadn’t seen it on any of the platforms I’m part of. Free books are great but, like you said, it’s just an extra to the blogging we already do. Exactly, if you don’t like something, don’t bash people who like that thing, just ignore it and move on. Most of the arguing and fighting in the world is because people can’t seem to leave others be with certain things.

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  2. *stands up in cubicle to applaud* a fantastic open letter! I couldn’t have worded it better myself my dear friend 😉

    “As a book lover the best bit wasn’t the free book, no, it was when the author commented on my review, saying that as a debut author it is reviews like mine that makes the journey to getting a book published worthwhile and seeing that readers are enjoying his work!:

    ^^^YESSSSS!!!!! I have been reading arcs from debut authors these past couple of months & on more than one occasion have had the pleasure of being contacted by them directly to say thank you. I have even made a friend or two with authors who are having their books published by smaller imprints. On one of my most down days, it was a DM from one of these authors wishing me a happy holidays that truly lifted my spirits. As a book lover, it’s heart warming to see a indie author rise to the top & know you were there cheering them on. Without them we wouldn’t have what we love most…bOoks. On another note, blogging has introduced me to all sorts of bookworms from all walks of life. That being said, I’ve met some amazing bloggers who mostly read arcs because of the country they live in and the inaccessibility and or lack of funds. The way I see it, arcs are a two way street to help author & reader continue a passion. I just don’t get what gives anyone the cojones (pardon my French) to deem someone else a “fake reader” or blogger for that matter. I just saw someone else post about this very issue last night. I am of the mind that you can review & critique w/out bashing. I choose books to my taste for the most part & can always fine a negative & positive in all things I read. Keeping in my mind that authors are humans too, I will review a book & let my readers know what I didn’t like vs. what I did. It’s never about the 5 star review in exchange for free books, for me personally I buy way too many books to be accused of that lol. Also if I LOVE an arc, 98% of the time I purchase the physical copy for myself to support and cuz I like to own my books. Honestly the more you ride that high horse, the less likely I am to follow your blog. We put in enough hours of our time into making these blogs our own to have someone else come in & tell us that we aren’t “real readers” “Real reviewers” or whatnot 😉

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    1. Cojones – pardon my french, oh Lillian, swearing or anything else goes on my blog! 🙂 That was the best bit of that review, I also had the author of my favourite fantasy series message me on Goodreads thanking me for the review I did for Wrath back in December (he’d been ill) and that was wonderful. 🙂

      True, blogging takes time and effort, I don’t think some of these people understand that and you can’t equate a 20 word amazon review or none at all to a blogger getting a free book and writing a 1,500 word review and putting effort in, people always have opinions though and it seems to be bash a book blogger month! 🙂

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      1. Baha! @ anything goes! lol. See that’s what makes blogging worth it, interaction with other bookworms but also the authors. Now when I walk into a bookstore & see a book I’ve reviewed by an author I’ve spoken to, it feels GOOD! the author isn’t this superstar who is highly unavailable, no he/she is a human being. When it’s a favorite book/author, it feels 10 times as wonderful so I can relate 🙂

        I look at my word count after I’ve finished a lengthy review & tell myself “it was worth it!” haha! I’ll never stop reading free or not. The book blogger bashing is at an all time high which is why I have started my spring cleaning early on my blog *winks*

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  3. I haven’t seen any if this bullying but it has been brought to my attention in the past two days or so. Do you know who the indie authors are? If so can you text me their names? I will blacklist them and ensure that no review of theirs appears on my blog.


    Sat at work, grinning like a fool because of the DX referrence :p


    1. I don’t know who the indie authors are, sorry, no, but you read similar to me and the blogger who had issues doesn’t so I doubt you’ll get any of them contacting you, unless you want to delve into Y-A baby books! 🙂

      As I mentioned in the post, all the indie authors I have had dealings with have always been decent, just happy for the help and publicity but there’s always going to be some that give the rest a bad name.

      Yeah, I saw Liz posted/reblogged a post yesterday, great article. 🙂

      Ha, I knew you’d get the DX reference, nice to add a little bit of humour/popular culture into the post! 🙂

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      1. I will be a good way away from the YA authors 🙂 unless they moonlight in grimdark novels :p if anyone ever acts like a cretin to me, I will not change the review score to lower but I will start the review off with ‘The author treated me like dirt.’ After all, I aim to be nothing but truthful.

        I am in your boat. Any author I have dealt with has been nothing but pleasant and accomodating.


  4. I was smiling throughout this whole post because you tackled every single thing possible. Like you said we do this for free because of our love for books. No one is holding a gun to our heads saying we have to give 5 stars to every single book, honestly it would be boring if people didn’t differ in opinions. And honestly, if an author isn’t ready for the negative reviews, then they need to get their ass out of this business because they weren’t built for it. As a person myself who is working on a book, yes it takes so much time to write but I can’t expect everyone to magically love my book, that’s not being truthful. Just like it took time and effort to read the book and form thoughts, we have every right to form an honest opinion. We’re real readers, all day, every day.

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    1. lol at tackled every single thing possible, translated = I babbled on! 😉 Which I sure did, damn I struggle to write book reviews but when I attempt to write a concise post it ends up being something this long in length! 🙂

      Yep, we do it for the love of books though if we should be getting paid I want a back dated check to march last year, here comes the money! 🙂

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  5. Sorry to hear this is going on. Like you, I have had almost one hundred percent great experiences with authors. And the idea I spend all this time reading, writing reviews, and keeping up a blog for “free books” is an epiphany to me. Glad to know it is so lucrative, because from now on when my wife starts pestering me to stop wasting time on my blog and do something more constructive I can just tell her Bookwraiths is a damn gold mine — of FREE BOOKS! 😛

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    1. I only knew about it through a couple of FB groups otherwise I’d have been oblivious to it but I had read the post the blogger had posted so knew about the author hassle going on, hence this ramble of mine today.

      It doesn’t really affect us, fantasy authors all seem to be degenerates like fantasy bloggers and there’s hardly ever (never) any issues! 🙂


  6. Well said! Not every book will suit every reader – and that’s the beauty of books! There’s something out there for everyone. And just because someone doesn’t like a book does NOT mean that it’s a bad book! I did a top 5 list of books I didn’t like, with the exclaimer that this was just MY OPINION, and I had a reader attack me because she didn’t agree. That’s fine if you don’t agree. Honestly, I’m glad you enjoyed them! No one has the same opinion. What I love someone else will find flawed. Anyways, enough rambling. All I wanted to say was “What he said” lol

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  7. I hadn’t realized this was an issue (happening currently). I know it’s been an issue in the past, and I really do not understand it. 1) So people are complaining BOTH that “reviewers are big meanies who give negative reviews” AND that “reviewers are fakers who give only positive reviews to get free books?” That’s pretty contradictory. 2.) Any time an author complains about a negative review, I want to ask them if they have seriously never read a book they didn’t like. And then, gasp, mentioned to someone else they didn’t like it? Not everyone is going to like your book. Sure, I can see how that would be sad, but you deal with it. 3) Everyone’s a real reader. I don’t get this argument either. Unless you’re writing a specialized academic monograph, the audience for your book is probably “the general public.” No one needs any qualifications to read it it or to read it “correctly.”

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    1. Yeah, it’s unfortunately an issue at the moment, the blogger I mentioned in the post had it happen to them with authors giving them hassle and grief, it really upset them, they posted about it and what the authors were doing was just wrong, harassment is never right and they went about it the wrong way, I get that the author would be upset about a negative review but this blogger writes decent reviews and explains their reasons why they liked or disliked a book. If the reviewer just wrote ‘the book is crap’ then yes, the author would have valid reason to be annoyed as a review like that helps no-one but no matter the review they shouldn’t hassle the blogger, a simple and polite email asking the blogger to elaborate on their points would be a far better option.

      The ‘real’ reader bit comes from some Facebook groups, it was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and then again but far worse this past weekend that bloggers aren’t ‘real’ readers since they on occasion get free books. I agree with you that everyone is a real reader, that was the whole point of my rather long post as to put it bluntly when I read that a few times it annoyed the hell out of me!


      1. I guess I should say I *have* on occasion seen bloggers (or readers in general) blatantly misread/misinterpret books, and I can see how it would be frustrating to get a negative review from someone who actually “didn’t get it.” For instance, I have seen bloggers go on rants about how “This book promotes the unhealthy stereotype that introversion is a problem that needs to be fixed!” when I think the book is really making the exact opposite claim–the protagonist may have felt that introversion was a problem at some point, but the book is making the point that it’s really not. Or, it’s like the people who think Dante is saying adultery isn’t a sin in the Inferno, even though he pointedly throws adulterers in hell. So, sure, I guess it’s totally possible for someone to read your book incorrectly. But most of the time the authors complaining about readers “not getting” the genius of the books aren’t talking about situations like these. Instead, they just seem to be mad that everyone won’t give their book 5 stars.

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      2. Sadly not every book can be a 5* read and what some people may dislike others could like about the book, everyone is different and as such has different opinions. But yes, from what I’ve seen its generally seems to be about the authors book not getting 5* reviews.

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  8. When you don’t know what you are doing and have sold yourself lies of being an overnight millionaire, only to have someone who has been in the game longer than you, take their time to go through your substandard work and point you out, out of the love of what they do and the believe that this world deserve a lot better and you fail to see that, that is when you will turn into a bully like those who had wronged all dedicated book bloggers. Keep up your great work and leave the bullies in the dark of their own bottomless pit.

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  9. Well said! I haven’t experienced this myself (yet anyway), but I’ve been hearing awful stories about certain authors being downright abusive to book bloggers 😦

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  10. Ok 1) The mystic orb hath graced thee with its presence?!

    And 2) It really is horrible that both of these things are real and need to be addressed. The level of duh here is appalling.

    I honestly am okay with authors commenting on my blog but something about them commenting on a review I’ve done of their work makes me feel sticky.

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    1. Ha, mystic orb?? Yeah, it got shined up really well!😂 and makes you feel sticky…….no comment!😂

      Yeah, it’s definitely horrible that both are real, it really seems to be bash a book blogger month at the moment.😠😤😞

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      1. Haha yes best not comment on that! 😂
        It does seem like a bad month for book bloggers 😔 as if we need more right now! Thank goodness for all the great releases coming up that we can look forward to!

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    1. Thank you.😀 Luckily I haven’t experienced the blogger hate or author issues personally either, that’s why I tried to make it clear in the post that all the authors I’ve dealt with have been decent but I know others have had issues and it’s affected them, likewise blogger hate isn’t good anyway, we do it as we love books/reading and to get pulled up on that is wrong and misinformed.

      I guess I did stand up for it, there’s a few posts around but I have a sarcastic way with words where I say it like it is.😂

      Thank you for commenting.

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  11. Thank you for this, Drew! Definitely a great post about about the subject (one of the best, possibly). I can only hope things get better soon and that the blogging community will recover from this. It’s a really sad time to be a blogger… But we’ll prevail! 🙂


    1. Thank you.😀 Not sure about it being one of the best but it’s probably the most sarcastic and blunt post on the subject, I lack the eloquence to be polite when things annoy me and ‘real’ readers annoyed me big time!😂

      It’s definitely a sad time to be a blogger, I agree, it seems to be the cool thing to do at the moment, bash book bloggers but as you say, we’ll prevail.😀

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      1. I think if you’re really passionate about something it’s definitely hard to keep things too civil… But we do need to try hahaha
        Otherwise it’s just one more motive to not be taken seriously. I think you addressed all the issues quite well, overall 🙂 Let everyone see what bloggers are truly about!

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      2. Ha, civil, I only swore once, that is good for me and it wasn’t one of the worse swear words either!😂

        I think discussion posts are like reviews, we all have our own style, mine is blunt and sarcastic but it works for me, others write how they do and it works for them, it just proves that each blogger is different.😀

        But yes, if someone went overboard into full blown rant and cursing then it would be a motive not to take the post seriously and it’s a serious subject so needs a bit of seriousness about it.

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      3. Totally agree 🙂 And I wasn’t saying you had not been civil at all! Hahaha just saying some people might be so in their own posts about this or other similar subjects, and that could contribute with even more negativity.
        I do like different styles and different opinions, and I think everyone should too. Otherwise it would all get quite boring!
        Blunt and sarcastic is fine, by the way 😛

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  12. This kind of thing isn’t just happening with book blogs either. It’s happening with reviewers of any kind of product. Jim Sterling, a game journalist, is being taken to court in a defamation suit for an impression video he made of a Steam Greenlight game. All because the indie devs didn’t like what he said about their project. Its real easy to threaten blogs, especially smaller blogs who will probably back down. It just kind of comes with the territory.

    As for the “real” readers thing, being a blogger suggests some type of affinity for the written word, no matter what your blog is about. I would say bloggers are some of the most passionate and avid readers because of the nature of their hobby or job. People will always look to belittle that, but we love doing what we do. That’s why our readers come to us and in the end, that’s all I need.

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    1. I’m sure I’d read something about the games journalist a while ago. For book blogs though most/all say honest reviews in their policy and in my opinion the author then has to accept the honest review and I’m very much a ‘I can have my own opinion’ type of person, if I give reasons why I thought the things that I did then to me I’ve validated my opinion with reasons and that should be enough, freedom of speech and different personalities and all that.

      You’re right about it being easy to bully small blogs though.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  13. So very well put!! 🙂 It’s absolutely ridiculous that this topic of book bloggers not being real readers is even happening. I had the same sort of attitude when it came to all amazon reviews being shut down. I never saw any of these arguments but I do wonder what kind of people these are who don’t call us real. :/ A really well put blog post, I couldn’t have said it better :).

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      1. I’m not a book blogger but I do like discussing books and occasionally write about books that I just finished. If somebody gives me a book, or I read a book from somebody I follow or am interweb friends with, I have a hard time mentioning anything shitty about it. That’s why I’m not a book blogger.

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  14. Okay good sir, you have earned a standing ovation! I am seriously glad that I did not read this in my office at work. They would have thought I was nuts when I stood up and shouted “hell yeah” and “F*** yeah ” at my pc 😉

    I am not even sure where to start with this. Part of me feels like an A-Hole for being so passive at times. I believe I may have hit on this on Facebook with you. Sometimes stuff rolls off of me so easily, but I am not thinking about how it is affecting the community as a whole. It isn’t intentional. I just avoid drama. But this needs to be addressed and I feel you have given it a proper addressing. A right spanking if I may 😉

    You had me at “buy yourself a dummy and some nappies (pacifier and diapers for my American followers) and dress how you act, like a baby” because that is it! It is simply childish behavior to attack someone for not liking their honest opinion. And it feels horrible to be harassed. I know. I am still sitting on 6 emails incase an author ever attempts to contact me again 😦 I felt almost violated after multiple emails from an author who would not stop after being directly told to. So to all of this, I applaud. Because it needs to end. Of course it won’t, there will always be those who only concern themselves with their own needs. But like you, I have had excellent experience with some indie authors.. so the problem here seems to be ignorant people.. le sigh. It gets tiring.

    You knocked it out of the park, you little “manwhore” 😉 Thank you for standing up!

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    1. Yeah, you mentioned it on FB about the author and there’s nothing wrong with being passive, it’s perhaps better at times but I’m very much of the opinion that I can spout what I want and accept the consequences, free speech and I’m allowed my opinion, ain’t no-one going to take that away from me. If I tell you and write ‘it’s crap’ it’s just words, no reason but if I tell you ‘it’s crap’ and explain why I thought that then that is valid as I have given my reason for my thoughts and that reason validates my opinion as we are all allowed our own opinion!😀

      Ha, someone had to stand up, there’s a few posts about it but while awesome they lack my bluntness and ‘give a f#ck’ attitude hence this diatribe.😀 Representing for the community!😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I appreciated every moment of it! I am going to work on being a bit louder at times 😉

        We need to be louder and more assertive about these issues. Our community does work incredibly hard on our own time of our own accord.

        Again, I thank you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’ll gladly accept ‘awesome’ to describe my post. Yes, I know how you feel about it and a few others to, especially over the author bullying/harassment that’s been going on with some bloggers.

      I guess I’m just opinionated and wanted to offer my opinion on recent events in my own blunt and sarcastic manner!😂

      Thank you for commenting.


  15. This is a great post,Drew.I am happy that someone wrote about how I felt hearing about this.Blogging is something I love and when people try to tarnish our good name,I feel sad tbh.

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  16. I got your WWE reference. I couldn’t agree with you more Drew. As you stated, you have never had authors being mean to you yet, as I haven’t either, but I feel sorry for reviewers who have. Authors who think with sending a free book to a blogger it will automatically equal a good review are dreaming. We have to remain credible or no one would believe a word we said if our views were compromised because something was free. Not real readers?? How can they say that? My last book I spent 14 hours reading and 2 and a half hours doing a review on a book I paid for myself. Great article Drew. Keep it up pal. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surprisingly quite a few people got the WWE reference, oh well, I shall have to try and be more obscure with the references next time!😀

      Yeah, I’ve never had any issues with authors, always been really nice which is why I repeated myself a couple of times in the post about it as I didn’t want it to come across as ‘author bashing’ when myself, you and plenty of others have never had issues but for the bloggers that have it needed mentioning.

      Man, that not ‘real’ readers thing annoyed the hell out of me, blogging and writing reviews all takes time and effort, if we weren’t real readers and didn’t love reading and enjoy blogging we obviously wouldn’t blog as we’d be doing something we did enjoy with our time!

      Nice to read you spent 2 and a half hours doing a review, mine normally take anywhere from 1 hour up to to 4 hours depending on my mood, procrastination and if the words flow but so many bloggers say that they write their reviews in 20 minutes it’s nice to read that it takes someone else a couple of hours to.😀


      1. My very early reviews were done in twenty mins but they make me go :s nowadays. I am too much of a perfectionist because, if I can see something wrong, people who don’t like me will too. Exactly mate. I write reviews like I did essays.
        Point one – intro.
        Point two –
        Point three –
        Point four –
        Point five etc….
        And I read through point one what I have written about 10 times before I even allow myself to start writing point two and so on… I must read my reviews about 80 times before I unleash them. In some peoples minds they may still be lame but I can’t fault my effort so no negativity. I do get distracted by the tv channel Dave though with Top Gear, QI and Would I Lie to You. lol.

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  17. I came to the party late but I was interested to wait a while and read all the comments that this post was going to prompt. And all reasonable ones, I’m happy to see 🙂
    A well written Drew-like discussion post well received! 🙂
    I’m a bit like Danielle where I let a lot of drama roll off as well because ain’t nobody got time for eejits and their verbal diarrhea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol at Drew-like discussion, I guess I do have my own way of wording things! 🙂

      Yes, all reasonable comments, I did think their might have been a couple of comments from people who disagreed or moaned about how I worded things but no, it’s all good.

      True, nobody got should have time for eejits and verbal diarrehea but sometimes things just need to be said/written and it annoyed me that much I had to write this post. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  18. *Round of applause* That was very well said!! I had no idea about all (or any) of this drama going on. But I think it’s terrible about the whole indie author thing and the whole book bloggers aren’t real readers thing…. WTF!?! Err if I didn’t read, I’d have no material- simple as that. Same goes for all book bloggers. Ughh I don’t care where it’s coming from- I have always you’re not a “real” x (fill in the blanks)- it’s just so dumb I don’t know where to start- thankfully you’ve done all the hard work for me 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I shall gladly accept the round of applause.😀

      Book blogging takes time and effort, if we weren’t all real readers and loved reading then we wouldn’t have a book blog, sigh, there’s always some idiots around and things that contain you’re not a ‘real’ something or other are usually started by ignorant people. I like to be sarcastic in my posts and in the very rare discussion posts I’ve done may have been slightly blunt but damn the whole ‘real’ reader thing annoyed the hell out of me.😠😤

      Luckily I haven’t had issues with indie authors, always been great with me but it needed to be addressed as I know a blogger who did and it affected them. Safe to say if it ever happens to me there’ll be another open letter post.😂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is true, we do offer honest reviews after all and sometimes that honesty involves negative feedback, not everyone can like exactly the same thing and you’ll get issues with some books. As I alluded to in the post I doubt that there’s a single book out there that hasn’t received some negative feedback at some point.

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  19. Wow ! this post is something Drew , I don’t know how i missed it when it was published . I think it’s simply because people are jealous for various reason and some really thin skinned authors who probably thought they were the next Tolkien or something .

    I have stated my reasons for blogging and those had nothing to do with free books , infact in order to read all the famed Fantasy books that I have bought and haven’t read , I have actually denied many ARC requests and I’m saddened by that .

    Also agreed with the time taken to read and review . I’m neither a fast reader nor a quick reviewer , it takes me around a week to write a review post and I used to find more time to read and review when i was a student or early on during my practice things have been so hectic that even blogging has started to feel like a job , to consider people will lie in review by putting so much effort to review in the first place is absolutely rubbish

    No body has the right to act so Holier-than-thou , I don’t think anyone is more of a “REAL” reader than another reader/reviewer . I think people will be jealous regardless and make such absurd comments better to just ignore . Sorry for the long comment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You never have to apologise for a long comment Rash, comments are always welcome.

      Definitely agree with you on both points people get jealous and not every author can be the next Tolkien or Martin regardless of what they’ve been told by others.

      Glad I’m not the only one who isn’t a fast reviewer, never been able to figure out how people write their reviews in 30 minutes!😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 30 minutes! Are you serious , They should be awarded or something , that’s just unbelievably quick 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Same here , I need to put my thoughts in order and remember what I liked or didn’t like and than think how to start the blog post

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Well said.. unfortunately there are people who love to stir.. they do it in their personal lives too and they are often very unhappy people. Reviews are the testimonials from customers and we should respect their opinions. Eveything from holidays to electronics is reliant on the word of mouth approach to marketing and we are no different..We have a product and we have accept that.

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