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An Open Letter To an Unnamed Author: Stop the Harassment.


About a month ago I wrote a post titled An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters where I touched on the subject of authors harassing bloggers, but mainly I focused on the crazy and insane people who deemed and labelled book bloggers ‘not real readers’ shocking I know, sadly there are some real crazies out there!

A link to the post can be found below, it’s a worthwhile read for any who haven’t yet had the privilege of reading it.

Anyway, this post is to focus on author harassment as after recent events I feel that it needs to be addressed – (it’s a different author and also a different blogger from last time).

Now, I need to make this perfectly clear for the bloggers out there and also to any authors that may read this. I personally haven’t had any issues with authors, the ones I’ve dealt with have always been decent, helpful and polite, all around good people. I’ve had them on my blog and it’s been a pleasure to help them in some small way promote both themselves as an author and their work so this is not attacking authors in general, I respect you and the work you do, without you there would be no books and that would be a sad world to live in.

Unfortunately there’s always one to ruin things and give people a bad name and it just so happens that there is an author who is tarnishing the good name ‘author’ by harassing bloggers.

I mentioned that I haven’t had any issues with authors and that includes the one who has been harassing a fellow blogger. I had them on my blog last year not long after I started blogging for an interview and book spotlight as while not a book that interested me to read and review, the book helps with a good cause that is close to the authors heart.

My experience with them was completely fine, I got the interview questions back in plenty of time to draft the post and all the necessary other information that was also required. I posted the posts and helped the author out, job done. Now I admit they’ve occasionally commented with updates in the blog posts since then but while I found it slightly weird, it was no big deal as it’s their book and they wanted to keep the post updated.

Until this weekend just gone, I’d have gladly recommended the author as someone to work with due to their work helping a good cause, them being polite and sending all the required information with no hassle. However, the blogger, who I get on well with finally had enough of the harassment that they’d been suffering and named the author to me and some others.

It’s the author that I’ve just mentioned, it seemed strange as they’d been nothing but decent with me but the way they’ve treated this blogger is anything but, it’s caused them stress and pain and left them wondering what to do. Suffice to say I won’t be recommending them anymore and would urge anyone to stay away from them, as behaviour like there’s cannot and should not be tolerated not just against a blogger but against a fellow human being.

The authors book and the author themselves purport to be an advocate of a good cause and I admit that it is, abuse is a subject that deserves attention and is important in today’s society, but for someone who’s work focuses on abuse the author themselves needs to realise that abusing a blogger isn’t the way to go.

You want to bring attention to the abuse people suffer in a good way, I applaud you for that but don’t abuse bloggers as all the good work that you and your book have previously done, has now been damaged and you yourself now have a bad reputation.

It might only be a small thing to you, but I’ve seen your book featured on lots of blogs, it’s a way to get both your name and your work out there but now your name has been tarnished. I can’t speak for any of the other bloggers, lots will be oblivious to who you are but for me personally, I have removed the two posts I did for you as I won’t stand for your treatment of a fellow blogger.

I perhaps should email you and tell you that due to recent events I’ve removed you spotlight and interview posts, it would be the polite and professional thing to do but…..I’m not a professional, I’m just a blogger who stands up for what they believe in and I’m not really polite when people piss me off either. I’m more like a sarcastic SOB and as Slipknot sang ‘I’m just a bastard, but at least I admit it’ – got to get at least one popular culture reference in a post!

You may ask why I’m not telling the author in question that I’ve removed the posts and I’ll tell you, it’s me respecting the fact that I personally didn’t have an issue when I dealt with them. That may sound strange but let me explain, I’m not like the blogger who has suffered the harassment, they are one of the nicest bloggers you’ll find who always comments and shares and has built themselves a reputation as being friendly within the blogging community.

Finally having to name the author was a big step for the blogger and I commend them on it, it wasn’t something they wanted to do but the hassle, stress and harassment got to much. I’m not like them, from the beginning I wouldn’t have stood for it, if I emailed the author and told them that I’d removed the mentioned posts and if they then chose to harass me, I wouldn’t stand for it, hell no! With the recent developments I can’t see them replying ‘OK, that’s fair enough, it’s your choice’ or similar and could easily see them hassling me, it’s only hearsay and might not have happened but I’m not taking that chance as if it did, I’d burn my blog and the reputation I’ve garnered to the ground to stand up for myself and voice my opinion, I’d name and shame the author and share all the correspondence along with my usual sarcastic vitriol, freedom of speech bay-bay – (Adam Cole ROH reference) and no-one takes that away from me. Even if it ruined my blog, it’s a price I’d pay and I’d make sure everyone knew your name and what you’ve been doing. It’s just wrong!

However, as it’s my blog I can remove whatever content I want, whenever I want and I have chosen this small action to show solidarity amongst bloggers (if I find out that you have apologised to the aforementioned blogger then I will gladly add your posts back to my blog) as I don’t agree with your behaviour, for shame, for shame! We are here to help authors and you have now ruined that for yourself.

The author in question follows my blog and me on Twitter anyway so there’s a chance there’ll see this post, whatever happens after that, happens, Drew nonchalantly shrugs his shoulders. I’ll accept the consequences and deal with it, as I truly believe that this needed to be written.

I’m not going to name the author in this post, it’s not my place to do so, though I’m certain lots of you will either have worked with them before or recently been contacted by the author and yes, the book is in aid of a good cause but the way the author has treated one of us is disgraceful and disgusting, it should now be detrimental to their name and cannot be abided.

To the author, why did you feel the need to harass a blogger? What did it get you? Surely you must have realised that nothing good would come from it and all it has now got you is a bad name. We aren’t paid, we do this for our love of books. We review, sadly we can’t like every book but good or bad we review honestly, we offer you posts and allow interviews, extracts, spotlights, etc to aid in promoting you and your work and we also share posts, it’s what bloggers do. We share reviews of books that are good as we want others to know that it’s a good book and deserves attention, and we also share bad reviews, if we want to spread the word on good books then of course we also want to share the word on books we didn’t particularly enjoy. It’s our right to share what posts we want.

We help authors and authors help us, it’s a two-way relationship that most of the time works well but please don’t think that you are doing us a favour by offering your book to review and to appear on our blogs, we are in fact doing you the favour by accepting to have you on our blogs, you give up your time to write guest posts, interviews, etc but don’t forget that we also give up our own unpaid free time too!

We do not have to accept every review and post request, your book might not interest us, we might be closed to requests and we may just not want to accept the post request as we want a break from drafting posts and blogging, it’s our prerogative to say either yes or no, respect that.

You cannot treat us like shit, like we are less than nothing! Yes, there are countless book blogs out there and if one doesn’t agree to have you on their blog then chances are another will but for future reference, remember this pearl of wisdom, we are a community and you have now been labelled.

If someone asks you to stop contacting them, then quite simply put, YOU SHOULD STOP, there is no valid reason to continue and go against that person’s wishes. It is harassment and bullying, it isn’t allowed in real-life and shouldn’t occur in the virtual world either just because you have a computer screen to hide behind.

Not stopping is harassment and cannot be justified for any reason.

The fact that you are an author does not give you the right to harass bloggers, we are all human, we are all the same, you are no better than us and your actions are not acceptable, they are reprehensible and you deserve to account for them.

Authors, no matter our favoured genre you give us the stories and books that we love, we respect you for that and the thousands of hours of enjoyment that you have given us. I ask you, please don’t let certain individuals give you all a bad name, this individual deserves to be pulled up for their behaviour not just by us bloggers but by all of you too.

Bloggers, please don’t stand for being harassed, we are a community and as such we will stand up for and help each other, look at me the loner talking about community! Especially those individuals who have and/or are currently suffering, don’t be afraid to seek advice or help from other bloggers, if you are scared to speak out there will be someone else who will do it for you. You might think an author harassing you is your own problem, but that author could then go on and harass others if they are not called out on it, it is unacceptable behaviour.

For those wondering why I have written this post and not the blogger who has been affected by the harassment. I’ll make this clear, until they read it they will know nothing of this post, it is completely my own work and my own feelings on the subject. They went about things in the right way but sometimes you need an anti-hero to voice what you will not. At times, it’s good to be bad!

Firstly, I am disgusted by the behaviour of the author and feel that it needed bringing to everyone’s attention and secondly, as I said many words ago back near the start of this post, the blogger who it happened to is nice and friendly and simply put, I’m not, I am the sarcastic asshole that stands there making comments.

To end, to the author, I ask you this, are you a man? Do you have any grapefruits? Do you have the cojones? If so then you will rectify your behaviour, you will stand and be held accountable for your actions, the harassing you have done is tantamount to psychological bullying and you should apologise.

Now, there might be those of you who have read this and taken offence, I sincerely apologise if you have as none was meant, I am merely writing the truth and at times unfortunately, the truth hurts. Hopefully the issue has now been resolved, but in all honesty it should never have gone this far in the first place. Some people just have no decency regardless of the consequences their actions cause.Β 

If this post loses me followers then so be it, I believe it needed writing.

While this post is about a certain author it is very relevant to everyone out there as regardless of who this author is, harassment can come from any, bloggers you don’t need to stand for harassment by anyone, we are a community regardless of country or favoured book genre, we stand together for each other!

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108 thoughts on “An Open Letter To an Unnamed Author: Stop the Harassment.

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! The whole situation was such bullshit and the blogger is one of the nicest people I’ve come across in this community. None of us should ever be harassed by an author, we do this because we love reading and supporting authors. We spend countless hours working on blog posts then you know, actually reading! It chaps my ass that anyone would act this way. And yes support child abuse, no greater cause. But then to turn around and hurl abuse at someone else? Appalling.

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    1. Thank you, I was unsure whether to post it or not, I’m quite prepared to deal with any fallback on myself, that should be obvious from the but I don’t want it to cause the blogger any more hassle but I felt it needed posting.

      Definitely appalling behaviour, how can you stand against abuse when you abuse people yourself, shameful. Hopefully this post will bring the issue to others attention.

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      1. Gee thanks!πŸ˜‚ I have a way with words and while I’d rather it didn’t happen, I’d like a quiet life really, I’d have much rather spent my afternoon reading than ranting. If anything does happen then it will most certainly be amusing!

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  2. I’m pretty sure I know who you’re talking about, because I’ve actually read a couple of blog posts that call out this author by name and the terrible way he goes about promoting his book. If it’s the same guy, he’s contacted me about six or seven times, even after I’ve politely said “no” to reviewing his book. I finally had to say something like “dude, did you even read the last email I sent you?” There will always be people out there that don’t play nice, you do have to develop somewhat of a tough skin to be in this business!

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    1. It sounds like the same guy, I haven’t actually seen those blog posts though and wouldn’t call them out by name as it’s not my place, I felt it needed addressing though for the stress it’s caused the blogger.

      I agree with you completely about developing a tough skin, some people are just nice though and will let people walk over them.

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  3. As an author and blogger, it disgusts me when I see people act like that. A real author does not act like a child. We accept when people love or hate our work and we accept when they do or don’t want to read or have an opinion on it.

    I don’t know who the author in question is, but I do know I’d hate to waste my time bettering their career by reading or reviewing their work.

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  4. This was very well said, but it’s so sad that this needed to be written about in the first place. I may not be a “professional” writer, per se, but no author should treat bloggers this way. I may not know who this writer is, but no matter how good they are, they shouldn’t harass bloggers this way. And I don’t know who the blogger is, but I hope I can let them know somehow that I support them and hope they’ll be okay.

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    1. Thank you, not sure it was well said but I certainly have my own unique way with words!πŸ˜‚

      It’s certainly sad that it needed writing, I’m still not sure that I did right in posting it as I don’t want to cause the blogger any more hassle but it needed writing about.

      They don’t know about the post, my choice to write it but I’m sure there’ll read the comments and see that you support them, thank you for that.

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      1. I think you have a good writing style! It was clear, and I don’t think it was very offensive, so that’s good. 😊 (There may be more details I’m missing, I just have to skim because I’m busy)
        I can understand why you were unsure of writing this post, but I do think it needed to be said.
        And thank you for that, I think this blogger needs all the support they can get.

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      2. Thank you, don’t think I’ve ever been told that I have a good writing style before, I know it’s unique It wasn’t meant to be offensive, I actually think the linked post An Open Letter To The Uninformed Masses and The Haters was more offensive but I didn’t go out of my way to offend anyone, unfortunately sometimes people take offence when none is meant though.πŸ˜‚

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  5. well I’m glad you posted this , I would have been happier had you named the fella . Although I do understand why you didn’t do it .

    hope the author gets to see this and repents his action and hopefully the Blogger who suffered from this abuse can get some apologies

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    1. Because I didn’t feel it was my place to name the author, if the blogger who has had the issue wanted to name the author then that would be upto them and not me, I felt I needed to address the issue as they probably wouldn’t but naming both the blogger and/or the author felt wrong to me.


      1. hahahaha… you know… I tip my hat to you, you managed to write a pretty balanced post with nothing left under questionmark and while also covering your back by not outing the author outright as it hadn’t happened to you directly. Which is a smart thing to do, I think.
        The odd thing is… I had an inkling and following that inkling I put 2 and 2 together… nuff said… Brave, Drew… and very gallant of you to stand up for a fellow blogger.

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      2. Ha, I’d be interested to know what that inclining was! I hope you came up with 4 when you put 2 + 2 together!πŸ˜‚

        Ha, brave is just another word for stupid! But yes, I tried to write a balanced post, nothing is ever truly balanced with my unique way with words though.πŸ˜‚

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      3. What? 4? No… You must be wrong because I got 5 and I’m the Queen, remember?! πŸ˜› hahaha, see now I’m starting to abuse that nickname!

        Aye, brave and stupid don’t always overlap though…

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  6. You’re very honest and I like that. To be honest this is part of the reason I don’t talk to authors/publishers on my blog. I don’t need all the drama, this just feels like an added stress. I’m sure it’s not always this way, but for me I like being able to post what I want without all this. I still get lovely comments from authors of books I review and that makes my blog a little more worthwhile for me!

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    1. Thanks, honesty isn’t necessarily always a good thing though as you might end up with a rambling blog post like this one!πŸ˜‚ It’s not always like that, I’ve never really had any issues myself luckily, apart from not getting the blog tour stuff until the night before I was scheduled to post in the morning, wasn’t but mainly nothing bad but there is always that spectre of added stress and that issues could arise, sadly this time they did and it’s unfortunate, bloggers help authors and unfortunately can’t like every single book, we review honestly, it’s what we do and authors should respect that as I guarantee that there isn’t a single book out there that hadn’t gotten a Poirot review at some point, it’s how it is.

      Getting lovely comments from authors is wonderful, it’s great when it happens.πŸ˜€

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      1. Ha, true, but it’s still good to be truthful. I realize it’s not an every time occurrence but like you said, it’s an added stress, and I’m not up for that. My blog is my space where I get to control it from every aspect, and I can say what I want without the drama… I get enough in real life πŸ˜›
        And it always is, especially since it’s always so unexpected! πŸ™‚

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  7. Oh yeah I know this geezer! About a year ago I had to block him from everything all my social media, my email the lot. He is a persistent bugger. Now people like that don’t upset me, thankfully, but they really do piss me off and he was very lucky I wasn’t able to go knock on his front door and yell because at one point he was emailing me almost every other day even though I had said I wasn’t interested in helping because I generally steer clear of books on this subject for personal reasons (also in review policy) and he still just kept pushing.

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      1. Yes, I agree, the first time I had to go back and remind him he said he didn’t have a record of our previous conversation and I said to him then, imparting some of my marketing wisdom on for him, that he needed to keep records of who he had contacted and what they had responded so that he removed people from his contact lists accordingly otherwise he would get a bad reputation. I know from his then persistent emailing of me it fell on deaf ears but hey you can only try!

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  8. Good on you for writing this! And I think the blogger who was being harassed would appreciate this too. I think authors forget that we are actually doing them a favour in promoting their books…for free. And we do it because we love reading and we love telling people our thoughts on what we read. For this author to abuse this is sad, he must be terribly insecure to feel the need to do what he has done.

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  9. I think I’ve mentioned this before but…yeah, this is part of the reason I don’t really accept review copies directly from authors anymore. As you say, most authors are fabulous. But if you cross the path of the one or two aggressive ones, it’s not fun, and I’d rather eliminate the chances of this happening to me.

    I’m not getting paid to blog, so I have absolutely no incentive to put up with this behavior, and I think it’s good for authors to be aware that that is the view most bloggers take. “Getting a free review copy” isn’t a great exchange for an never-ending barrage of angry emails if the author dislikes your review.

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    1. Yeah, I think you’ve mentioned it before, it’s something that a few bloggers feel like and while most authors are great, I needed to make that point in the post as it’s unfair to tarnish them all for the few. But, having one bad one puts you off, you always question after that, will the author be OK to deal with? And you just don’t want the hassle if they are not, at the end of the day we’re not paid for this or to take any shit, apologies for swearing.


      1. Yeah, the whole thing is a two-way street. I’m sure there are some unpleasant, entitled bloggers out there, too. But if you’re an author and asking people for free publicity and marketing, you have to be humble and polite, even when you’re irritated. You’re basically asking the blogger to do you a favor that takes hours, and the “payment” of the review copy doesn’t really cover the labor they’re putting in, so in the end you have to play nice because you really are asking for them to do you a favor. Some people act like the author is doing the blogger a favor by providing content for the blog, especially if they do something like write a guest post instead of asking for a review, but, really, no one’s blog is made or broken by whether Author X or Author Y guest posted.

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      2. Eurgh guest posts, sigh, I like guest posts but I’m getting tired of agreeing to them and getting the guest post, nothing else, no purchase links, blurb, cover, author pic, media links and bio. I’m not lazy and don’t mind getting the book info and links but I shouldn’t have to get the author stuff to yet I’m sure they’d complain if I just posted the guest post and didn’t offer up who it was by, etc. Irrelevant to the comment, sorry.

        Yes, there are some entitled bloggers out there, I’ve had the misfortune of seeing some, it seems to be a case with some that they see a blogger has a book and they want it, even if it’s not a genre they read, jealousy.

        I don’t agree with the whole author is doing the blogger a favour by appearing on the blog, I don’t disagree with it either but it’s a relationship that works both ways and if the the author thinks they are doing the blogger a favour then they need to realise that the blogger is also doing the author a favour by having them on their blog.


  10. Dear, oh dear… I’m a very keen book blogger – and an author who is just about to launch her writing onto an unsuspecting world. So with a foot in both camps I’ll like to punch said author on the nose. As has been mentioned several times – book bloggers are a wonderful breed of passionate readers who enjoy reading and writing about books FOR FREE. It’s their hobby! And authors need to take a VERY deep breath, step back from their darlingwonderfulbestbookintheworldthateveryoneneedstoknowaboutNOW and REMEMBER that AT ALL TIMES!

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    1. Very true, we do it for free and sadly but also realistically too, there isn’t a book in the world that hasn’t gotten a bad review somewhere along the way, it can’t be helped, not everyone can like everything. It’s sad it got to this stage though as I think it happens more than people know about and bloggers let it when they shouldn’t.

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      1. And I really don’t know WHAT the authors who indulge in such behaviour are thinking… It smirches the reputations of the rest who wouldn’t DREAM of doing anything so crassly unpleasant!

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  11. I commend you for your powerful post! Abusing bloggers is disgraceful and unfortunately it happens far too often. There was a famous case a few years ago that I was just made aware of last year (somehow I missed it when it blew up on Goodreads) after a famous newspaper gave the author the platform to tell her experience, but framed it in a way so she looked like the good guy, even though she actually STALKED a book reviewer – went to the reviewer’s house and everything.
    These sorts of actions are NOT OKAY. No one should be abused, harassed or stalked by authors for whatever reason, whether it be not liking their book or just not wanting to work with them (can’t believe I actually have to write that down because some people don’t know). Reviewers/bloggers don’t owe authors anything. We blog and write reviews of our own volition, for fun. We are not expected to pander to authors’ whims.
    Again, fantastic post!!!! πŸ˜€

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    1. Around the time that article was published, I shared it with a group of college students so we could discuss audience and who the article might be appealing to. (Basically, how would people react to this? Would bloggers like it? Would readers like it? Would other authors like it?) The conversation was not as layered as I was hoping. I assumed some people might take Hale’s side or suggest that the article would be relatable to other authors who have been crushed by negative reviews. (At least, relatable in a “Grrr, I wish I could give that reviewer a piece of my mind!” daydream sense, not that most would go to similar lengths to find the reviewer’s home address and such.) But actually 100% of the class took the view that Hale was entirely right and that blogger was a horrible person for not liking her book. I was somewhat baffled no one thought there could be a negative reaction to the article (Maybe some readers would think they have the right to dislike a book?), but it did show me that, yes, Hale did a wonderful job of portraying herself as sympathetic.

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      1. I have to be honest, that doesn’t surprise me as much as it would have a few months ago. Yesterday during my editing class, I could hear a group having a conversation about something similar (what it’s like to get bad reviews and blaming the reviewer) and the remarks some of the people made frightened me, especially as I am a reviewer. I don’t understand how some people don’t comprehend that Hale STALKED someone – she took advantage and broke the trust of a book club to obtain the home address of a complete stranger in order to intimidate them. They frequently called them at home, and at work, and messaged them on social media. If that had been a spurned boyfriend or girlfriend, they would have gotten a restraining order.
        It just goes to show that writers view reviewers with contempt sometimes (I’m talking about that small percent of authors who can’t handle someone not liking their book – most authors don’t engage with reviewers, as they shouldn’t). Which is hilarious considering how heavily authors rely on bloggers/reviewers to promote their novels – I certainly go out of my way to promote a book if I adore it but I will steer clear of an author (like Drew has) if I hear they engage in blogger/reviewer harassment.
        Another famous case is Anne Rice. Have you heard about that? She encouraged her rabid fans to send threats to a reviewer on Amazon (I think it was Amazon) after this reviewer left a review of one of Rice’s books explaining why she didn’t like it. Rice called on a massive community of people to intimidate, send threats to, and harass a complete stranger who just said she didn’t like a book. Insane, right?
        I can understand how authors feel after someone leaves a bad review of their book. It’s hurtful, especially when they put so much hard work into something they love. But that does not excuse abuse. At the end of the day, they are an author – with the backing of a publishing house and a gang of fans. What do we reviewers have, besides our little community on WordPress and Goodreads? Nothing. I just run my blog for fun – that does not mean I am equipped to handle abuse in any shape or form from someone who is much more powerful than me.
        (Still lowkey freaking out that not even one person in your entire class saw Hale’s behaviour as wrong). Smh.

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      2. I’m somewhat attributing the class agreement with Hale to the fact that many students are still very sympathetic readers and tend to agree with the author of whatever they are reading. (Something we perhaps accidentally train students to do because teachers in general assign only readings they agree with and that the students are supposed to learn something from.) But, yeah, I was alarmed too. Partially because I think the concept of “reviewing” something should be relateable to everyone, even if they don’t run a blog or post Amazon review or anything moderately “official.” To read a book and have an opinion on it and then tell people your opinion is a natural process. I would think it would be horrifying to anyone that you could be stalked for simply saying you didn’t enjoy a book.

        This is also why I can’t take authors seriously who think that anyone who gives a negative review to a book is beyond the pale and just being mean to someone “who worked so hard!” I don’t believe I could find a single person who hasn’t read a book, watched a move, seen a play, heard a song, etc. and then told a friend “Wow, I really hate that book/movie/play/song!” Everyone criticizes art, including authors. It’s not personal.

        I have heard about Anne Rice and if I had any interest in reading her books, it has disappeared! I do not want to get on her radar!

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    2. Thank you, appreciate it. I completely missed the whole Goodreads incident, doubt I was blogging at the time but I think I’ve seen it mentioned before a few times.

      Yes, I agree with you about having to write it down, it should be known but sadly isn’t. Harassment of any sort is wrong, unfortunately it got to the stage where I felt something needed writing about it, the blogger in question wouldn’t as they didn’t want the stress and hassle but I’m not like that and decided to take up the mantle and address it as it needs to be known that bloggers don’t have to stand for it.

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      1. Good on you for taking up that mantle! Needs to be done and more people should do it too!! πŸ˜€

        Briana: I totally agree, we are sort of conditioned to accept every thing the author says. And yes, people review things all of the time when they comment on a movie/book/show/food. I’m sure authors themselves hate certain books too. No reason to get so aggressive.
        It’s very upsetting and I hope more people can talk about it to stop it. πŸ˜€

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  12. Wow, this is horrible. It’s as if some of these authors believe that because they’ve published a book they are automatically a better class than bloggers and therefore can be treated like dirt. I have no idea who the author is, hope I don’t come across them, I’ve not really been ‘in the loop’ with anything happening between bloggers and authors since my issues of harassment but your blog post is very good and everything you say is very well put. It’s got me thinking about whether I should delete the reviews off my site of the authors I had problems with (still bothers be I’d given them a review), particularly one that harassed me and had my previous facebook account shutdown.
    I’m also starting to wonder if we should seriously have a blacklist of authors among us bloggers.

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    1. I’d personally delete them, it seems wrong to still promote their book after the issues, especially the one that harassed you but as evident from this post I say alot of what others won’t.πŸ˜‚

      It’s sad it came to this really, I worked with the guy last year and didn’t have an issue, he sent all the stuff in a timely manner and a lot of authors could learn from that as I’m getting tired of accepting posts and getting the barebones of it, a guest post and it’s just the guest post article, no book cover, no blurb, purchase links, no author bio, pic and social media links and its like, why can’t you send me the stuff! Gggrrr, I’m not lazy and don’t mind getting the book stuff, we do it for reviews but I shouldn’t have to get the author stuff, I’m sure they’d complain if I just posted the guest post and merely stated who it was by with no bio, pic and book info and who’d be in the right? Me, cos I’m not paid for this, we do it to help authors out.

      It’s happened with you the Harassment and with this blogger too, there’s bound to be more out there and while the post is aimed at a particular author it’s also a general post as bloggers shouldn’t be harassed by any authors, it’s not on.😠

      A blacklist of authors isn’t a bad idea or something similar.

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  13. I haven’t been harassed by any authors but if I do I know who to call. I would totally just cry in the corner if someone was mean to me in an email, or via twitter. You are right though, we do not get paid to do this… we don’t deserve to be harassed.

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  14. I’m honestly flabbergasted by the behavior this author has displayed & pushed on to others smh. I honestly don’t do well with pressure which is probably why I’ve only accepted 1 Indie author’s book to review on my blog. Something I plan to work on this year as well but it’s this type of behavior that is off putting to a person like myself who already deals with anxiety in the 1st place. It’s ugly & unnecessary & it unfortunately like you mention, give authors a bad rep smh. Great post Drew, very honorable thing you’re doing here. I’ll never believe what they say about you, NEVER! (I kid I kid lol)..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why? What are they saying about me Lillian? Is it bad?πŸ˜‚

      It’s unfortunate that it came to having to write a post it really is, I felt it needed writing and stand by my decision to post it but still sad it needed to be done in the first place.

      I’ve personally never had any issues with authors, it’s obvious from the post what would happen if I did, I’m not one of these people who would stand for it and lots of others are and I bet there’s lots out there who it’s happened to and they need to know it’s not OK to be harassed by an author, yes, this post does focus on one sadly but I also know another blogger who got harassed and had to take a break due to the hurt and stress it caused, completely different author so it shows its out there that it is happening and it’s wrong.

      It does make you question though, should you accept a review request? Should you have them on your blog? You can’t help but think that when you read/hear about what some bloggers go through as it’s at the back of your mind will the author cause me hassle. I’m not open to review requests, haven’t been for ages but I still get them and while I’ll gladly have an author on for an interview/guest post/extract if the contact email starts with a review request I just immediately ignore it as it means they either haven’t read the review policy or just didn’t care and asked anyway. It’s obvious from my unique way with words I’m not bothered by it, I’d happily vent in a blog post, not sure it’s the right action to take but it’s how I am and yet, everytime I ignore an email I wonder, will I get another one asking why I haven’t replied cos it’s happened to others.

      It’s just a sad case that a few tarnish the good work of the many and I’ll tell you what really annoys me, not necessarily annoys but I don’t like is when some bloggers go on and on about helping and promoting indie authors, yes, it’s good that they and lots of blogs do, I it to but sometimes they need to think that there’s a reason and this goes for the authors to, that there’s a reason lots of bloggers stay away from indie books and authors and that is because of the chance of hassle and the fact that if it’s happened once it could happen again and we don’t get paid for this sh*t to get harassed.

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      1. You can’t see me Drewski, but i’m effing clapping!!! You’re absolutely right, that last bit speaks to me as well. I’m really not likely to start taking requests any time soon & do often get them via e-mail. The one time I did accept, read, & review for an author it went well. I think the only annoying thing about that instance is how for MONTHS she re-tweeted my review over & over again on a daily basis pretty much draining my phone’s battery LMAO! thankfully I haven’t had any negative encounters. It does however peeve me when i’m contacted & in it’s clear that the author didn’t bother at all with my blog/About Me & tries to pus a book that is so far from my radar. I’ve actually gone back & forth within myself on whether I should spell it out that i don’t read specific types of books but I may just do that. I do believe that i’d be much more receptive to an author who approaches me in a much more familiar manner & who has taken the time out to scroll through my reviews page. As for the other other bloggers who are heavy Indie pushers lol, as long as they respect my decision NOT to then all is good πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There’s nothing wrong with them being heavy indie pushers I didn’t mean that, all I meant was that I’ve seen a few tweets where they proclaim themselves awesome for it and that everyone should do it and I meant they don’t seem to realise that often there’s a reason lots of people shy away from indie authors, it’s not down to we are too good for indie books, it’s due to hassle, the chance of hassle, knowing someone who had a bad experience or having a bad experience ourselves, let’s be honest, we blog for fun, we don’t blog for stress.πŸ˜‚

        I have that I only read certain genres on my policy, it might help a bit but that would depend on if they even read the policy and notice it, if they just skip straight to the contact section then they won’t pay attention to what’s written and it won’t help at all.πŸ˜‚ Totally agree about a more familiar approach though, I’ve got that in my policy that I want a personal and more informal message not just a generic ‘please consider my review request’ and let’s not mention when the author gets the blog name and even worse my name wrong, that’s an immediate hell no!πŸ˜‚

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      3. Lol gotcha, I think everyone likes to feel like they’re doing their bit of good deeds but sometimes it can be overkill (that’s just my opinion lol). We definitely do blog for fun!!πŸ™ŒπŸΌ if my name or my blogs name is mispelled in a request to review I’d probably keep it movin’ too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  15. Wow I can’t believe it. I would have thought the authors would have been open to a review good or bad, they would want a reviewer to be honest. You would think they would realise their book isn’t going to be for everyone. Just rude.

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  16. Bullying and harassment is most definitely NOT ok! I applaud you for sticking up for the unnamed blogger and the rest of the blogging community. So thank you! 😊

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  17. Oh, boy. I can’t believe this happened, and I can’t believe an author would do that. It’s in our rights to refuse any book we don’t want to be reviewing, and feeling forced and harassed like that is just, well, it’s not supposed to happen AT ALL. I’m a bit stunned to be honest, I completely had missed this craziness. It’s CRAZY, really, ugh, I feel kind of mad at the moment ahah. Thank you so much for speaking up about this, Drew, this is so brave and just perfect of you to write this long post about it all. Also, I know if this ever happens to me, I can count on you for support aha ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, long post, it is true, most things turn into a long ramble written in my own unique way.πŸ˜‚

      It’s happened to a couple of people, different authors too, it’s not just one author and it is quite unbelievable that it has happened, sad to and especially sad that it had to come to this and a post needed writing. But, it’s not behaviour that should be tolerated and it needed saying.

      Not sure it was brave, some people wouldn’t have written the post, a lot of people wouldn’t have I believe and that’s why I did it, I like a quite life and don’t like confrontation but I’d have been happy to have backed up my words as the whole situation had annoyed the hell out of me.

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      1. Well…we all love it when you ramble on for so long, so…don’t stop, ever πŸ˜›
        I agree that it’s something we should definitely talk about, it shouldn’t happen at all. And I get it, sometimes you just need to get the words out and you did it here in a perfect way πŸ™‚

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  18. Oh man.. I’ve heard similar things a few times – especially about authors being upset when they don’t get positive reviews on the books they gave away for free. I’d like an honest opinion but well.. No one should deal with being bullied like this. I never had any problems, but my blog is way too small for authors to notice and offer free copies πŸ˜€

    Oh, and I appreciate the Adam Cole reference, BAYBAY!


  19. Good for you!! I’m sure the blogger in question really appreciates you stepping in and fighting in her/his corner. Harassment and abuse of bloggers is NOT cool, especially as so many have said, we are doing a favour and giving up our free time to help out. I don’t take many review requests on nowadays as I’ve got such a backlog πŸ˜’ but I just want to heartily agree with something you’ve already said – when the requester gets your name or blog wrong! 🀣 It’s made me laugh and made me cross in equal measures when I get an email: Dear Bethany… It makes it SO obvious that they haven’t looked at your blog or content at all…if they did they’d know I was a BETH. Sounds a silly thing to moan about I know but it’s just kind of insulting when they ask for your help but don’t put the work in to “woo you,” so as to speak! πŸ˜† Makes my finger go all the quicker to the delete button rather than a polite “thank you but no thank you” which I try to do with the other requests that have made the effort.

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    1. Thank you and yes, the blogger did appreciate it, I know it’s happened to another blogger too, it’s just sad that it happens as it’s not something that should.

      The post was mainly about the blogger but it’s something that needs to be mentioned in general as it’s something that shouldn’t be happening and I bet it happens more than is known. I commend the blogger in question for their actions but I felt a post needed writing not only just to say that there’s an author who has been harassing a blogger, but to make it known that we shouldn’t have to take it and we should stand up if it happens to us.

      It’s true, we do the authors a favour by having them on our blogs and giving up our free time to draft the posts, sadly some seem to think they are doing us a favour and their not, it’s bloggers helping them out. Now if George RR Martin offered to appear on my blog then yes, he’d be doing me and it a favour but an unknown indie author who thinks they are entitled, hell no! Most are great to work with but the few who aren’t give them a bad name, I know a few bloggers who have issues, some medical, depression, etc, I write dark poetry on my blog, point is for a lot of people blogging is an escape and something to enjoy, we don’t want that ruining by jumped up authors giving us hassle. I sometimes feel that the authors only ever see a blog and a blogger and not actually the person behind it.😞

      Ha, yeah, it makes me laugh or angry too depending on my mood when people get the name wrong. I’ve mentioned it before to another blogger and while you’re right that it sounds silly to moan about it as it’s only a trivial thing, it’s also important, who wants there name getting wrong? No one. It annoys me when I get an email with Hello The Tattooed Book Geek, nope, that’s the blog name not mine which is clearly stated in my about section, ggrrr! How would the author like it if we got their name wrong? They wouldn’t so why should we stand for it, sometimes little things are more important than the big things and a name is one of them.πŸ˜€

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  20. Oh man, I wish I could be shocked but from what I’ve seen in my job (I can’t go into detail obviously) this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some authors seem to take any perceived slight very personally and go on the attack. Occasionally literally! I suppose it’s very difficult to put your heart and soul into your work and have someone criticise it but that’s the nature of the profession – writers need to have a thick skin! I agree that this author needs to be a grown-up and apologize to the blogger – it’s the professional, decent thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree that it must be very difficult to have someone criticise your work, especially after you’ve put your heart and soul into, perhaps even over many years. I would say though that a honest review means just that honesty and surely authors need to realise that there isn’t a single book that’s ever been released that hasn’t received some criticism or at least one negative review. I guess it’s just how they go about dealing with it.

      I’d gathered it is the tip of the iceberg, it wasn’t just this author either, its happened with a few various authors and bloggers and lots of bloggers are to scared to say anything.


  21. Somehow, I can’t believe I’m reading this. I would have never imagined that there are authors out there bashin bloggers and harassing them! After all, as you already pointed out, we’re doing this for free and I we invest lots of time and effort and research to create posts and reviews and many of us go out of their way to not bash a book even if it was horrible and still recommend it to those who wouldn’t mind X or Y.
    If you want an honest review you will get it and if you can’t get a review because the blogger has a too tight schedule, that’s fine, too. I am shocked and I am disgusted. I hope the blogger who got harassed won’t take it to heart because this is just disgusting, shameful behaviour!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is quite shocking to believe but unfortunately it happens. This was a weird situation as I’d worked with the author and didn’t have a problem with them, they’ve also appeared on lots and lots of blogs with no issue, they just seemed rather overzealous at times, etc. Then when I found out about this, it was shocking, I’ve read some correspondence that the author sent, he contacted me after reading the and while he’d obviously only sent bits it still painted them in a bad light, I certainly wouldn’t have accepted what they wrote. The post did bring to light in the comments that a few others had had issues with them too and that others hadn’t. I think the blogger is over it, I’d say they took it to heart, lots of people would and lots of people use blogging as escapism, like reading and it should be fun, to have something like that happen takes away the fun of it.

      Unfortunately an honest review only seems to mean a good review, most of us don’t tend to rip books to pieces in reviews even when they are bad, since I started blogging I’ve read 3 bad books and tried each time to look at the good as well as the bad and point both out. I think that authors need to realise that there isn’t a single book that’s ever been released that hasn’t had a bad review at some point.

      This happens a bit though, I know another blogger who hardly blogs now, part down to personal stuff but blogging was an escape for them and harassment ruined it. Sadly, I think it’s rare but it’s not something that should happen at all and while rare it perhaps goes on more than we know as lots of bloggers wouldn’t say anything, this blogger wouldn’t, but I did as it needed addressing, not as a manhunt against the individual author but in general, that bloggers shouldn’t stand for this behaviour.


  22. I have no clue what’s going on. But I’m like you, I would not stand for any abuse to myself or others. I do not condone “going after” an abuser/harrasser either. My preferred method is shunning. And I have a Goodreads shelf titled “never this author” for them to sit in their shame and to remind me never to pick up a book by them. Because I suffer from CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) I need that reminder. lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah. Duh. I see the date at the top now. lol I still don’t know what’s been going down recently. I’m pretty clueless lately. Too much going on and not enough hours in the day. Well, not enough if I actually want to sleep. And I do. I love me my sleep.

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