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An Open Letter: Thank you.


Earlier this week I posted a post that focused on author harassment of bloggers, if you haven’t yet read it the link can be found below:

The post it self was a follow-up to a post that I had written a month ago about the blogger bashing that had been going on with people calling bloggers ‘not real readers’ and in that post I mentioned author harassment but only touched on it lightly. If you wanted to check that post out the link can be found below:

Don’t worry this post isn’t blatant self promotion of my earlier posts and there is an actual reason behind it!

The post on author harassment was a tough one to both write and to post. The actual writing of it was easy enough in that it hadn’t happened to me personally, but it was a hard subject to tackle as it really shouldn’t have needed to have been written in the first place. Harassment in today’s day and age just isn’t acceptable! I am not the most eloquent writer out there especially when it comes to something that annoys me and so, it was written with my usual distinctive and sarcastic wording.

I also didn’t want to feel that I was crossing over any boundaries, as I just said it hadn’t happened to me personally and had happened to another blogger that I know. I wasn’t sure that it was my place to actually write something, but on the other hand I felt that it was an issue that needed addressing and bringing to light within the blogging community as it shouldn’t be happening. The blogger in question wouldn’t have written the post, I know that and luckily they didn’t disagree with me when they found out that I had written one. To the crazy, weird and outright wacky anonymous blogger, I say thank you for not taking issue with me venting on your behalf.

I didn’t want the post to come across as an attack on authors either, it’s sad to say but it only takes one bad individual to give a whole group a tarnished name, but that is also an unfair assumption as on the whole you are all a pleasure to work with. Authors are wonderful, giving us all, the books and stories that we love regardless of our ages or preferred reading genre, and for the countless hours of joy that they have already given me and for the countless hours still to come I say, simply thank you. 

I also didn’t want the post to come across like it was aimed at just one person and seem like a vitriolic attack on just them personally. Yes, for the most I alluded to a certain author as it was their actions on the blogger who caused me to write the actual post, what they did was reprehensible and they needed to be seen to account for it, but I didn’t want to stoop to a personal attack on them and come across like I was just bad mouthing them for the sake of it, the whole point of the post wasn’t about that author as an individual but authors as a collective who have hassled bloggers, they all need to know that it isn’t acceptable behaviour.

I didn’t want to cause the blogger in question any further hassle due to the post and hopefully there won’t be any, it was my words and my idea. This was my major concern over posting the blog post as it would have been/will be unfair if there are any repercussions, I’m hoping not but if there is the blogger is under orders to tell me and I told the author as such that it was my post, any issues take it up with me – so far they haven’t and I am hoping for all that it is the end of the issue.

We are all different, some of us are happy with confrontation and will write about things that we feel need writing about even if it could cause trouble ,while others want a quiet and stress free time, perhaps due to that we let issues like this stay hidden under the surface as we don’t want to cause ripples by saying anything, after all they are authors and we are just a single small blogger, that doesn’t make any difference, we are all people.

I didn’t want to overstep  boundaries with the actual post and luckily none of you saw it that way, it was an important issue that needed addressing and none of you seemed to think that it wasn’t my place to write the post, for that I am grateful, sometimes those who won’t say anything need someone to say it for them and be their voice and this time I was, the voice of the voiceless! CM Punk WWE reference, got to get one popular culture reference in.

OK, onto the main point of the post and that is to thank you all for the support, the likes, the FB shares, the retweets and Twitter shares from the post but also mainly the comments. I know they meant a lot to the mysterious and unnamed blogger, the outpouring of support and encouragement that the blogger was in the right to bring this issue to light, to the attention of others and to get help with it and while they can’t say it personally, please know that they really appreciate it.

And for me to, the outpouring of support in favour of the post shows me that after struggling with whether or not I should post it, questioning myself if it was my place, asking would it help or hinder, could it cause offence and outrage and even would it make things worse. All the comments in favour show me that I was right to post and that it was beneficial as it has brought an important issue to light.

So, without any of my accustomed sarcasm, from both me and the anonymous blogger, from the heart I say to you all:

Thank you!!!

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18 thoughts on “An Open Letter: Thank you.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad that they didn’t take the previous post as a negative but I really thought that some might and there was so much support for it that I felt all that support needed addressing and thanking, hence this post.😀


    1. It’s sad that it needed to be wrote in the first place though, it’s not acceptable behaviour and needs bringing to the attention that bloggers shouldn’t allow it to happen to them and suffer in silence but why is it even happening in this day and age? Shameful.

      Ha, yeah, I speak my mind, I can understand others not wanting to and perhaps that’s even the right course to take and not what I did but it needed writing and I was happy to voice my opinion and stand up for others.😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is true unfortunately, and sometimes whether it’s right or wrong someone needs to stand up for the others and be the voice of the voiceless for those who won’t stand up, just so happens it was me this time the blogging badguy who isn’t part of the community!😂


  1. There wasn’t any negativity. You did the right thing for standing up for what you believe. There was no attack and there were no names. Whoever finds themselves in the post needs to take a look at themselves and not at you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I did try not to be negative with the post but with my way with words and the fact I was annoyed so was ranting a bit, I’m not always sure how it comes across. I needed to write a thank you post though as I was pleased that the post got such an outpouring of support, occasionally there always seems to be someone who takes offence to something even when none is meant and I and the blogger in question appreciated the support from everyone as it was a tough subject to tackle.

      I also felt that I needed to clarify that while the post was aimed at a particular author it wasn’t a personal problem just with them but an issue that needed to be addressed on the whole as it has happened a few times with various people.

      No, there weren’t any names, i wouldn’t name the blogger as they wouldn’t have wanted me to and it would have been unfair to then name the author, no names on both sides was best, sadly I can’t say that if it had been me personally who had suffered the abuse that I wouldn’t have named the author, depending on the correspondence I might well have done but as it was, it wasn’t my place and I just wanted to bring something that needing bringing to peoples attention.

      Thank you for you comment. 🙂

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  2. hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!

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