A Poem: Empty Throne.


I sit here alone,

Seeking solace,

Upon my empty throne,

Thinking of things,

Looking back,

On all the pain,

That I seem to bring,

I close my eyes,

To make a wish,

Add another regret,

To my list of burdens,

Past mistakes,

Replaced by the new,

The darkness,

Always wins through,

No matter how hard the fight,

A step out of reach,

Forever is the light,

I repaid your trust,

With nothing but hurt,

Please offer,

Allow me the chance,

To remedy the wrongs,

Some days I’ll fall,

The sorrow to strong,

Just give us time,

We’ll forge this anew,

I’ll make it right,

I’ll find my way.

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33 thoughts on “A Poem: Empty Throne.

      1. Just trying to make you laugh!
        Here’s one:
        Roses are red,
        Violets are blue, (though honestly aren’t they really purple?)
        Stephy is awesome,
        And so are you!
        (Took me three months, but it’s finally done! 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂)

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