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Dragon’s Prize (Dragon Awakens #2) by Maya Starling Book Extract


Today on The Tattooed Book Geek I am bringing to you all an extract from Dragon’s Prize (Dragon Awakens #2) by Maya Starling.


“A simple vow for a complicated fate. Life and love proven through blood and flame. Choices changing destinies on a dime.”

After slaying the dragon and “rescuing” Olivia, Crown Prince Magnus will settle for no one but her as his bride – his final challenge to overcome before becoming King Magnus, Dragon Slayer.

Through trials of blood, fire, and death, Kaden has broken the curse confining him to a dragon’s form for over a century. With fire brewing inside him, he struggles to reach his beloved Olivia in time to save her – and his own sanity.

Unsure of the fate of her dragon, Olivia is consumed with grief. She consents to wed the prince in order to save the lives of her family. His advances push her to take her destiny into her own hands.

But deep in the woods trouble stirs, as an old enemy seeks to rectify a curse broken. The prize of a life earned must be stripped away again… permanently.

Book Extract:

Kaden’s eyes popped wide open. He jerked up, sucking in an excruciating breath. Tremors racked his body, a burning ache spreading through his limbs. Shallow, labored breaths filled his lungs with air. At the sudden movement and sound, the wolf cub at his side jumped back and crouched in a defensive position.

Kaden’s heart beat erratically as he sat looking around in a daze. The trees blurred, the grass soft beneath him. Memories dissolved as he tried to grasp them. What happened, where was he?

A whine to his right. A wolf. Pup! He remembered then… He recalled the day the curse was cast upon him. And the night he had saved Olivia, his love, from wolves in the forest. Olivia! His chest tightened at the thought of the young noblewoman who had stumbled into his treasure cave and changed the course of his destiny. Brave and beautiful, she was the one to offer him friendship, the one to bring light to his darkness. She reminded him how it felt to care for someone, and taught him to love again. And just as he’d started to live once more, he had to die to save her freedom. Damnation! Why had that damned prince found them?!

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts. The pain hit him then, the like of which he had never felt before. Getting wounded hurt a lot. Dying hurt even worse. But being alive again hurt the worst. He gasped as the pain spread from his core, up his spine, over his shoulders to the tips of his fingers. He shivered. His ring finger throbbed, dripping warm wetness. Sucking in another deep breath through gritted teeth, he raised the hand to inspect it.

Shit!” It came out as a croak. One of his fingers was missing! And all of his claws! He examined the rest of his naked body. His human body. Human form. Two legs, two hands, no wings! No scales, only soft skin, not as damaged. He had managed to heal some before becoming a man again. The deep cuts Prince Magnus had left when piercing his wing were just shallow wounds on his human back, although they still hurt.

Kaden let out a laugh, his eyes moistened with tears of joy, and of pain. Soon, he no longer shook with laughter, but with sobs. Joy blended with pain, overwhelming him.


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About Maya Starling:

profile photo

Maya Starling is a writer, a geek, an animal lover and a gamer. She has lived the life of a magus, an oracle, a goth mortician, a star wars rebel while sitting at a table, and rolling those dice.

In reality, she lives with her wife and their adorable little boy, and of course two rescue cats, in the small country of Croatia. Reading and writing are her passion, so you will often find her typing away a new story, or reading, eyes glued to the screen of her phone or a page of a book.

For more information, free short stories or just to stay in touch visit:  /  Twitter   /  Facebook

A note from the author:

Hi, booklovers!

I’m author Maya Starling and I’m so excited to launch Dragon’s Prize, the second book in Dragons Awaken series. The plot picks up right after the first book ended, so you won’t miss a thing in the lives of your favorite characters. I will not spoil anything for you, but be prepared for some twists and turns, and strong female characters. Have you always wanted for the maiden to finally save herself? 😉 Well, don’t miss Dragon’s Prize then! If you are new to the series, be sure you pick up Dragon’s Treasure first, a twist on the old trope of dragon-maiden-knight with elements of Beauty and the Beast. I hope you love Dragon’s Prize as much as I do!

About Dragon’s Treasure (Dragons Awaken #1).


“She was the girl who longed for the freedom of the dragon, and he was the dragon who longed to be a man.”

A heroine reclaiming her fate. A dragon with a secret. A prince on a quest.

Olivia flees to the forest seeking freedom from her family’s demands. She finds refuge in a cave, only to discover it is a dragon’s lair. The dragon, Kaden, is not the monster she first thinks him to be. After overcoming her initial fright – of not being eaten – Olivia discovers that the dragon has a gentle heart.

Kaden is resigned to loneliness after centuries of wandering the lands. Meeting Olivia brings joy to his solitary life, and never has he dreamed that a young woman would be the one to start the change in him.

A storm brews on the horizon.

A prince with a handsome face and a cruel heart is on a quest to slay the dragon, and take the throne. He will do whatever it takes to have what he believes is his to own. And now, he has his eyes set on the pretty little maiden from the forest. He will make her his Queen, whether she wants it or not.

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US links via author website   /  Amazon UK


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