A Poem: Still Waiting

still waiting

When the walls I’ve built,

To make me secure,

That keep me alone,

Begin to crumble,

Come crashing,

Fall to the ground,

I hope,

You’re here with me,

I pray,

I’ll have found you,

Still waiting,

If you’ll forgive me,


I’ll let you in…..

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6 thoughts on “A Poem: Still Waiting

  1. Beautiful. Definitely more hopeful compared to your other works.
    About your comment above:
    I read somewhere a long time ago that a poet must be a sad soul to write the best lines. Also, the poet extraordinaire Shelley has said that “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.”
    You are young enough to wait and be hopeful while you keep writing these soulful lyrics.

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