A Poem: Love Forever Dies


Do you remember me?

When you found a new life,

I’m the one that you forgot,

The person you cast aside,

Were your words endless lies?

Can you please give me back,

Everything that you stole,

The time that slipped away,

All the hours you ever took,

The feelings that I wasted,

When nobody else was there,

I always fucking cared,

The truth I now find,

Is that love forever dies,

Instead of helping you,

I should have been healing me.

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29 thoughts on “A Poem: Love Forever Dies

    1. Boy?!?! Boy?!?😠 At my age I’m a man or at least a man child!😂

      Hhhmm, I’m not drowning in women because…..I like reading, it’s not exactly classed as a cool hobby, I don’t enjoy going out or getting drunk and would rather stay in, I’m antisocial, quiet and sarcastic, obviously I have issues (the dark and bleak poetry comes from somewhere) and I’m ugly, Drew = anathema to women! Does that answer your question.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol!! I knew you might say something sarcastically negative but wow you went all out! :p Actually reading IS cool (people who think it isn’t aren’t cool – that’s what my brain tells me 😀 ) and you just need to find a woman who’s as antisocial and sarcastic as you 😛 😀 I’m sure they’re somewhere… Sorry , I couldn’t help but laugh at this plus I just learned a new word…anathema 😮 The Tattooed Book Geek – a blog and now, for me, a dictionary 😀

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      2. Aw, don’t feel like that. I’ve honestly had self esteem issues most if my life, still do in fact. But reading is cool, going out and drinking isn’t fun for plenty of people including me – I’d rather read or play videogames and here’s a new fact I’m teetotal 😮 yep I’m really boring :/ !! And you’re not ugly, I guess all I’ve got to go on is a fuzzy pic of you on Facebook but yeah you’re not ugly :D. Depression makes us all question ourselves but it also makes us really really amazing poets!!! 😀
        Yes I learn a lot of new words from blogs, mostly though I feel old when I read teen slang I don’t understand – I might be reading the wrong blogs :/ lol

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      3. First of all, I call everyone girl or boy….it’s like a term of endearment!!
        Nope…doesn’t answer my question, because you’re wrong!! I don’t you know how sexy it is for guys to write poetry! 😍

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      4. OK chillax, Stephy, chillax!😂

        WTF does nope don’t answer my question because you’re wrong mean?! Other than you’re staying I’m wrong, I answered the question and wasn’t being sarcastic either unlike what the other blogger thought!

        Lmao, even dark poetry???🤔😂

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      5. I was half asleep when I typed that! I need to stop typing replies when I’m trying to wake up…that came out all wrong!! 😂🤣
        I meant “that doesn’t answer my question” because you said “does that answer your question” at the end of your comment! 😂
        I sound like a harpy!!
        Ok: here’s what I meant to say:
        I call everyone a boy or girl. I just don’t think of ppl as man or woman for some reason. It’s probably bc I’m perpetually 17.
        You are amazing. You’re smart, you write poetry (which all chick love – yes, I said chicks), and you’re NOT ugly. I’ve seen your userpic. If I was in the U.K., I would be looking you up! Dark is sexy!
        I don’t think I’ll ever check my WP at 6 am again!! 😂🤣😂😜

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      6. Ah, right, I get you know, though I thought I had answered your question by giving you a list of my faults and flaws!

        Lol, perpetually 17, Bwahahahaha Y-A!😂😂😂

        Nothing wrong with chicks as a term!😀 But yank chicks might love poetry but UK ones don’t!😞 Well, I think I’m ugly, fugly might be more appropriate actually and I’m definitely not smart!

        Lol dark is sexy, I’ll let you have that comment and not tease you about it.😉


  1. Powerful and sad, but I love that ending. Always excellent poetry from you 🙂

    I just realised you’re on google +, when did that happen? Are you using it a lot, I’m still struggling with google+, half still not knowing what I’m doing and half lost on how to get anyone to follow me – I only ever had a few followers of the other blog and now I have zero lol :p Are you gonna try all the social media platforms eventually? I went a bit nuts with my blog and have, count them, 10 buttons on the bottom of each post 😮 !!!

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    1. Thank you.😀 I don’t use Google plus at all really, it’s Google though so I had an account and just decided to link it to the blog so that it posts the blog posts to it.

      No, very doubtful, well, I don’t know, I’m not ‘up’ on social media and don’t have accounts for the other platforms or even know what some of them are.😂

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  2. Those final two lines! They really hit me. Kinda reminds me of the phrase “You can’t pour from a glass that is empty.” It’s not selfish or wrong to put ourselves first. Awesome piece! 🙂

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