A Poem: Unmoored.


When darkness takes hold,

My life slowly unfolds,

From the blackest skies,

I cry out, asking why?

My blood flows like tears,

Washing away the fear,

With ink etched arms,

A life told in scars,

Each time that I fall,

I become unmoored,

Like a ship adrift at sea,

I’m lost trying to find me.

Inspired by the daily prompt: Unmoored.

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20 thoughts on “A Poem: Unmoored.

  1. Ooo this is beautiful! I think I say this on all my comments on your poetry…but those last two lines! You have a gift for concluding poems with haunting final lines that stay with readers long after they’ve finished reading (I mean, you have a gift for poetry, but also a gift for writing ‘last two lines’ too – I have a major issue when it comes to concluding poems) Great piece!

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      1. There’s poems bursting with kittens and smiles lurking beneath that ink-covered exterior. Rhyming is all I can manage as well. Non-rhyming just looks like badly formatted micro-fiction to me.

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  2. Hey!
    Nice blog (: I just started mine up and was looking for a few relative friends in the book world! I have a Booktube channel too. Also, There is a giveaway currently going on and I will be posting more as soon as I finish editing a few videos.
    Thanks and I hope you like my blog! :*

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    1. Thank you and no worries. Poetry is hard to comment on great poem, very emotional, etc all sounds the same so I didn’t think anything of it as I struggle myself to know what to say on certain posts which is mainly why I’m a lurker and not much of a commenter.

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