A Poem: To Whom It May Concern


Hello old friend,

I meet you again,

When I’m lost and far from home,

Walking this lonely road,

Scared I roam,

Don’t know if I’ll make it through alone,

I’m staring at the walls,

Grasping with my hands but I still fall,

Helpless no one hears my cries,

Invisible you don’t see with blinded eyes,

Bloody hands around my wrist,

Darkened thoughts of suicide persist,

I don’t want to live with the shame,

Though hidden my scars still remain,

I’ve felt this way before,

Raging with my inner war,

I’m not going to give this in,

I swear I will fight from within,

One last time before I go,

I write these words for you to know,

Please never fear,

I’ll always be here,

Although I’ve lost life’s stride,

I will survive.

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