A Poem: Wash My Hurt Away.


I’ve fallen more times than I can count,

Searching for the reason behind my self-doubt,

Broken, a man apart, I’m lost, always alone,

Tired of the misery, this agony all I’ve ever known,

I look at my hands, the blood stained knife,

Weeping drops from my own worthless life,

It helps me feel, gets me through,

With old scars raw, opened anew,

Crimson tears fall, they run down my arms,

A legacy of pain, from my times of self-harm,

I put pen to paper, find words I cannot say,

I wish I could erase you, finally wash my hurt away…..

Written partly because I can be a miserable fucker at times and also partly due to the daily prompt: Paper

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20 thoughts on “A Poem: Wash My Hurt Away.

  1. The thing I admire about your poetry is how you can make things rhyme without detracting from the overall meaning or feel of the piece 😀
    I won’t use the dreaded ‘b’ word here, but this is such a great piece! It evokes very powerful imagery.

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  2. Beautiful. You are one amazing poetic miserable fucker. You sure know how to thrive in misery. This one makes me wonder why you don’t compile them into a book.

    Liked by 1 person

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