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Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers and Names to make you smile: Volume 5!!!

Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers and Names to make you smile- Volume 5!!!

I was feeling rather miserable both yesterday and earlier today, questioning how shit my blog is and just feeling rather unhappy. To cheer me up I thought that I’d look for some more fun book covers.

So, today I bring you all another post of fun and inappropriate book covers post, this time volume 5!!! It’s good to have a laugh! 🙂

You can find the links to the previous four volumes below if you haven’t yet checked them out – well worth a look for a giggle and a snigger! 🙂

Smile! 🙂

We all review books and there is this gem of a title and cover:


And……..for all you fans of the Despicable Me franchise, particularly those cute and loveable little yellow Minions, prepared to have them ruined for you:


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80 thoughts on “Fun and Inappropriate Book Covers and Names to make you smile: Volume 5!!!

      1. I could definitely have dragged it out, say 5 or 10 covers per post instead of doing 25 – 30, oh well, it’s all fun!😢

        I know! There’s so many! Such weird books too! So many Dino porn and monster porn books! I’m not sure what’s worse, the people who write them, the people who read them or the ones who leave negative reviews on the book because it wasn’t what they expected! Yes, I read the reviews to have a laugh.😂

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  1. Ha ha!! Thanks for posting these 🙂
    I’m actually reading a YA book now about a gal who is married to man who is a horse by day, but man by night, and all I can think when I read this very innocent novel is about these bizarre book covers 🙂
    And also now my brain will never look at AT-ATs the same way…

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  2. Just how much fun did you have researching this blog? Some of those covers are completely bonkers, I can’t believe they were written let alone published! And your blog is gold not shite, never a dull read

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  3. MORE dinosaur erotica!? Just how many plots can you make from that!?
    Love these! Did you manage to include the cover for Handsome Sentient Food without ‘barfing’!? 😛

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    1. Yes, more, there’s a surprising amount!

      Ha, yeah actually I did! Whilst I abhor abs on covers, let’s be fair, the abs were only the third worst thing on that cover! The title is worse and then there is those freaky and weird as f#ck vegetables with human heads morphed into them!😂


  4. Minions and erotic stories? Oh dear … How did someone even come up with something like that

    I do want to read that 52 things to do while you look book , it sounds “productive”

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  5. Oh my god, this post cracked me up 😀 I had your newsletter sitting in my email for like three days, I saved it on purpose for when I have time, cause NOBODY could pass up a post with that title 😀 this is hilarious!!! Where do you find them 😀
    I remember this thread on Goodreads, similar theme – they once went on a spree of bad cover of dino erotica 😀 oh my god… I remember I laughed and laughed and laughed the whole evening.
    Please do more of these posts!!!!

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    1. They are definitely hilarious posts, always make me smile doing them. I’m not sure how many more there’ll be though, I’d suggest, if you haven’t checking out the previous 4 volumes that are linked at the top of the post. There isn’t many more fun covers that I can find, I struggled to get that many for this post. Being honest I had so much fun doing the posts I ended up with between 25 – 30 covers for each post as I just kept smiling at them. When if I’d thought about it I should have spread it out more, limited each post to 10 covers and then it’d have made more posts.


  6. First off- your blog is amazing- and this absolutely made my day!! Sorry but there was no way I could let you call it shit- it’s one of my favourites!! And I have good taste 😉 also I don’t know why but things I want to punch in the face just made me laugh and I don’t know why. And Christmas on Crack (I might be in a silly mood- it is late) Super Herpes sounds like the crappest superhero ever!! Also “Christ in a Poncho” and “Some of My Best Friends are black” made me snicker!!

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    1. Apologies for the delay in replying to this comment, I took a blogging break as I was fed-up with blogging and was questioning continuing. That’s partly where the my blog is sh#t bit came from.

      Ha, there’s always some of these covers that you can’t help but snigger at!😂 things I want to punch in the face would make a great blog post idea!😂

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  7. How shit your blog is? Did you smoke a nasty one before posting this? Hahahah Your blog is pretty epic, just like 99% of the fantasy novels you read. Don’t know what got you to think it was shit, but I definitely don’t think so. As for this post… Goddammit. You could really go on forever with this feature hahahaha Crazy titles out there.

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    1. Unfortunately I doubt I’ll be able to go on forever with this post. Seems to be running low on fun covers, there’s lots of fake ones still out there but not many real ones that I could find. Being honest I should have paced the posts more, 5 – 10 covers per post instead of the 25 – 30 I used but they were just so damn funny and I had to include them!😂

      No, no nasty one, just questioning my blog and blogging.

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