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TTBG’s Inappropriate Book Title Ideas and Covers

TTBG'sBook TitleIdeas1

I was going to bring to you all another fun and inappropriate book covers post, sadly, however, I appear to have exhausted my supply of decent book covers for the posts! 😦

So……instead I bring to you all a selection of 8 book title ideas and covers courtesy of my own depraved and weird mind!

backendedhornynoshing nannaspeared sabre toothhoodiesfishpieconanclosed requests

Remember folks, it’s all good fun!


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45 thoughts on “TTBG’s Inappropriate Book Title Ideas and Covers

    1. Have you seen my blog posts?!? A writer I am certainly not!🙁

      Though, at least with the Dino smut genre of book I wouldn’t get pulled up on inaccuracies in science and research as I’m pretty sure that the authors in the genre don’t fully research their books with dinosaurs being extinct!😂

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  1. Oh my god, ‘Fish Pie’! That tag line is making me cringe! Ewewewewewewewewew!!!
    Also, that nanna looks terrifying! I can’t imagine many guys would want her noshing on their sausage!
    And why does that hoodie cover look like ever so slightly like a chavved up version of Slender Man!?
    Love it. You should definitely go into cover design! 😛

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    1. Hhhmm, you’re the only person to comment on the Fish Pie tag line with an ‘ewewewewewewew’ no less, you read those sort of books but creamy often salty illicts an ewewewewew from you!😂😂😂

      Ha, those covers I created while terrible aren’t any worse than some of the bad Kindle covers out there and the two Dino porn books look like they could be real books from that genre!😂😂😂

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      1. Because ‘those’ sorts of books are classy! 😛
        Oh my god, you should ACTUALLY create a mini side blog and sell your services 😀 (as a cover designer) I’ve seen some cover designers sell their designs for extortionate prices. You could soon be living your dream life of gaming and reading on alternate days! 😛

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      1. Well! Probably best not to try and imagine what I could come up with!😂 Though I do write meaningful poetry too so I could write Bobby a heartbreaking and emotive tale of redemption and reformation from his early years of boozing. A book to pull on the heartstrings and make everyone go aaaawwww poor Bobby!😂 Or I could be sarcastic and cruel to him!😂

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  2. hahhahahaa this is wonderful!! Best yet!!!! I love how you’ve actually run out of examples LOL!! That first one had me giggling for ages!! hahahahaha noshing nana- lol!!! oh my goodness sabre tooth tiger porn- now I’ve seen everything!!! Hoodies needs to be sent to David Cameron in the post pronto!! hahahahahahaha “fish pie”- rofl!!!!! hahahahhaahah that last one is just perfect for us book bloggers lol!!

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    1. Lmao! There’s still some examples but they aren’t very good or funny. So, I decided to create my own instead!😂

      I even have a tag line for the first one because obviously I think of the good stuff after I’ve done the post! I should have included ‘once you go brachy you don’t go backy!’😂😂

      Yes, Mr Cameron I’m sure would love that book and surprisingly no feminazi’s have complained about Fish Pie!😂

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      1. Hahaha well you did an excellent job!! 😀


        Hehe yes!! For all his “hug a hoodie” campaign, I don’t think he understood this rich and diverse culture in the UK. Hehehehehehehe yes!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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      2. Hahahaha exactly!!! Didn’t he pretend to support West ham for a bit? I mean you can’t really support a football team if you don’t own a hoodie, so that was the first clue it was a lie- his pr team should have bought him one 😉😉 Well wearing one right now and I’m offended by that statement 😉😜😂😂😂😂😂 (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face)

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    1. Lmao! Got to include Dino porn, it’s just one of those genres that screams to be made fun of!😂

      Lol, maybe, ya know for the Dino book I could use ‘once you go brachy you don’t go backy’ as the tag line and go from there!😂


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